[शोहेई यामादा का पुन: config.sys]PC as a Thing, PC as a Thing –PC Watch

[शोहेई यामादा का पुन: config.sys]PC as a Thing, PC as a Thing --PC Watch

MicrosoftWindows 365announced service. It is a so-called Windows Virtual Desktop Service, and is said to be offered at a fixed monthly fee. But, really, I wanted the service to be more hybridized.

old fashioned telecommunications

Being able to access a remote computer anytime, anywhere on a network is, in a sense, phenomenal. Remote Desktop is widely known for Windows, which was hosted by Windows NT in the 1990s, and implemented in Windows XP in the 2000s, allowing simple PCs to support remote control via GUI . One can use their PC as the host for remote control through the Internet. If you are currently reading this column on your PC, then in 10 minutes you will be able to control it remotely from other devices in various ways. You can now use the Chrome extension Chrome Remote Desktop.

In the personal computer communication of the 1980s, in the sense of using a remote PC at hand, a typical personal computer provided BBS-like functions as a host computer, and connected to it using a telephone line and a modem, Around 300 bps. It was used in the band. Telnet has been used in UNIX for a long time. In that sense, Windows 365 isn’t new at all.

However, there are many dangers in keeping your regular PC connected to the network so that it can be accessed from outside. There are also concerns about allowing access through public networks.

Therefore, having a PC that can only be used by you that can be hosted in a carefully managed and monitored network and provides the function of using it as a service anytime and anywhere hinders remote computing. decreases. It is epoch-making in that. At the time of the service, it seems that normal personal use is not expected, but in fact it is a service that I would prefer for normal individuals who have difficulty in releasing and managing their PC.

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If these services become accessible, the variety of individually owned devices will expand dramatically. For example, if you have a smartphone, an appropriately sized external display, and an HID-like keyboard and mouse, you can do the same thing as a normal Windows PC.

However, existing smartphones have separate support for external display output. It’s still difficult to use it as if you were connecting the display to your PC. The difference in aspect ratio should also be considered. Oppo’s in the smartphone I have now.Find X3 Pro“Fujitsu’s”Arrow 5G F-51AYou can mirror the screen by simply connecting it to the monitor with a Type-C cable. Xiaomi’s “Mi 11 Lite 5G” and Google’s “Pixel 5” couldn’t do that.

If you can use Virtual Desktop Services by connecting a keyboard and pointing device to your smartphone, you can remotely control a PC remotely from your smartphone. It looks like Windows 365 is used in browsers that support HTML5, so if you have it set up properly, you should be able to use it easily.

the new normal of telecommunications

In the beginning, I wrote that I really wanted the service to be more hybrid. It’s much more than just a virtual desktop service, as OneDrive supports storage synchronization so you can access the same files from any PC and keep a cache of your files locally, so Windows is from any PC. . I wanted a service like OneWindow that synchronizes to the same environment.

In addition to syncing storage with OneDrive, Windows can now sync themes, passwords, language settings, and other Windows settings (device settings like printer and mouse options, Explorer settings, notification settings), and more. .. However, installed apps and their placement on the taskbar are not synchronized.

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Of course, each PC has different hardware, so it can be a problem if everything is synchronized. For example, drivers and utilities for specific peripherals are not needed for PCs that do not use that hardware. In addition, different software may be required for PC-specific tasks.

I wanted these things to work together so that no matter what PC you’re connected to, as long as it’s Windows, you’ll get the same environment as Windows, hosted in the cloud, and you’ll be able to use it offline .

If you can use Remote Virtual Desktop in the full cloud when accessing with a device other than a Windows environment or bad hardware, and you can use a local desktop with synchronized settings when accessing with rich hardware, So you should be able to use Shochikum properly for each. device. In some cases, the cloud PC is powered by Pine and the local PC is powered by Plum, or the cloud PC is almost set to Bamboo and the local PC is Pine+. The specifications of Cloud PC are subject to change at any time according to the work content at that time, so if the work does not go well with Ume’s local PC, then only, Cloud PC will be set to the highest spec. Used and the job will be done. Then again, it’s like returning to daily plum specifications. Even if your PC breaks down, you’ll have to buy a new one, and if you can use an alternate machine during the failure period, you can make a full clone in just an hour, which is convenient.

Of course, there is a risk in this environment, and if one PC is infected with malware, the cloud PC and all synced PCs will collapse. Measures will also be needed to prevent this from happening.

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Windows 365, a little different from what I wanted

If cloud PCs, reasonably priced subscriptions, and environmental synchronization to local PCs become the norm, it could be enough for many PC needs in the world. It is virtualization of PC ownership. If it costs money to buy a super high-spec PC on your own, setting it up also requires skill. However, if cloud PCs support it, it will be possible to have ultra-high-spec PCs in the cloud for the duration of writing the thesis and handling complex AI processing.

In that case, hardware makers will need to rethink the current PC lineup, which is rich in variations of Shochikum. There are also products like Dumb Terminal that use a cloud PC with a simple browser running on an external display. If the network is wide enough, that’s fine. Whether a 5G network can do this is another matter, but it is also expected to replace broadband connections in apartments that are suffering from bandwidth constraints.

Of course, Microsoft will be thinking about the direction of these future services from different angles. This Windows 365 service-in is just the first step.

By the way, as one of the system requirements of Windows 11 at the moment, “8-bit color high resolution (720p) display with a diagonal size of 9 inches or more“A. What if you use a Windows 11 PC in the cloud with a 6-inch smartphone screen? What features identify PCs in the cloud that they have a display attached to them? I’m not interested in anything Even though I still have time to get into the service, like what happens in a multi-display environment with multiple 4K resolutions.

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