How to increase your instagram visibility: 5 tips

Instagram is one of the most sought-after social media platforms these days. Every person of young age and old age alike is on the platform as it is a great way to connect to people. Nowadays it is not only used to connect to people but also to showcase various talents and to create a following. Brands use it to promote their products and many big account owners are now termed influencers as their posts and content tend to influence people in various ways. 

With the growing influence of instagram all over the world, people are now trying to grow their profile too. Getting a bigger instagram profile is not helpful in just getting a big following but brands also pay a chunk of money to promote their products. This is why instagram has become a good way to earn money. Sometimes, to get a larger following, people tend to buy instagram followers and take the shortcut. One can often find a struggling artist on instagram searching for the best sites to buy instagram autolikes. Some people get a larger following when they buy instagram followers but it is not as useful for some others. Thus people can go for various other ways to ensure that they are visible to a larger audience on instagram.

These are five tips for people to follow that can help in getting the larger audience on instagram and be visible to more people: 

  • Post high-quality images 

These days people spend a lot of time scrolling on instagram and seeing various posts. If a person wants to stand out amongst the crowd, then posting high-quality, artistic photos of the products or the person himself can prove to be very helpful. Good-looking posts often have a higher number of likes and more engagement than normal-looking posts. Thus for people who want to have proper visibility amongst the crowd on instagram, posting high-quality images is a great trick. This way people can stand out from others and also create a higher brand value for the profile. 

  • Create short videos 
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Videos are often the best way to promote any product or idea and thus posting short videos on the page can be a great way to get better engagement. Users can create reels or make ten-second videos about various things that include all the things one wants to convey in less time. People often tend to spend 6 to 10 seconds on one post and if the profile owner can deliver the message in this time, the chances of getting a follower and increasing the engagement are much more than long videos. Thus short videos are a great trick for getting better engagement for the page and increasing the instagram followers

  • Giveaways or contests 

People all around the globe love to compete against each other or to get free goodies. It is seen that influencers on Instagram announce giveaways or contests now and then to get better engagement. This trick can be followed by the beginners too, to ensure that more people engage with the content and there is no need to spend quite a lot on it. Small contests that do not involve a lot of money can be used to make people view the content and this may often increase the visibility of the page and the posts. 

  • Post the users using products of the page 

If the profile owner runs a brand or sells products using instagram, then posting user reviews or posts about the product being used by people is often a great way to advertise the brand and to get good user sentiments. User reviews and real-life product usage helps to make sure that others get to see the brand services in action. This is thus a great trick to ensure that the visibility of the Instagram page increases and the engagement gets better. 

  • Use hashtags 
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Hashtags are often a great medium to promote the posts and the content of an Instagram profile. Hashtags that have a large following can be used with the posts for the content to be promoted in the explore sections of a large audience. The posts with relevant hashtags often get better engagement and this thus helps in getting a better audience for the post. Using hashtags, the visibility of the page and the content can be increased. Users can also try to create a trend of their own as it helps to get more people to reach out and use the same hashtag. This may thus help increase the visibility of the original content. 


To conclude this whole thing, it can be said that the above given 5 ways can be used to make sure that the posts put on Instagram by the profile owner is visible to a larger audience and it thus gets better engagement. These tricks are used by the influencers who started from scratch and have proven to help increase the visibility of the page. 

About the author: Cory Weinberg

Cory Weinberg covers the intersection of tech and cities. That means digging into how startups and big tech companies are trying to reshape real estate, transportation, urban planning, and travel. Previously, he reported on Bay Area housing and commercial real estate for the San Francisco Business Times. He received a "best young journalist" award from the National Association of Real Estate Editors.

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