K 20K in monthly allowance from George Michael’s former Late Stars estate


Former art dealer Kenny Gauss wants a monthly allowance of 20,000 20,000 as he sues the late star’s family, claiming he gave up his career to care for the British musician.

George MichaelEx-boyfriend Kenny Gauss Legal bids have been placed on the late star’s property for 000 1,000,000 (000 15,000) a month.

62-year-old Texan, dating Wham! According to Britain’s The Sun newspaper, the singer, who has been suing Michael’s family for 13 years before the split in 2011, claims he is dependent on the hitmaker’s money and should still be provided for. Is

Although the “faith” star paid Gauss an open monthly allowance before their separation, he left nothing to the merchant after his death in 2016 at the age of 53. However, Gauss insists that the singer was “not in her right mind” when she did what she wanted.

The former art dealer claims he gave up his career to care for the tragic star and is now suing Michael’s sister and elderly dad for at least 20,000 20,000 a month.

A source told the tabloid, “During their last years together, Kenny was effectively an in-house husband, and was almost entirely financed by George.”

“His argument is that he gave up his career to focus on his relationship, and set up a charitable foundation alongside George. He must have been given a very generous allowance on which He came to trust. ”

“Kenny believes that, as George’s most important second half, he still deserves it and that George was not in his right mind when he fulfilled his last wish. Kenny at least 15,000,000 a month. Wants to live. ”

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The businessman had filed nominations against Michael’s lawyers in the original documents, along with the singer’s sisters Melania and Yoida, as well as his father Kyriakos. Last month (September 20) an amendment was made last month (September 19) following the death of Melania at the age of 59.

Gauss is suing under the Heritage (Provisions for Family and Dependents) Act, 1975.

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