Online Casino Bonuses That Can Boost Your Gambling Career

When we were kids, all of us had some ideas or wishes regarding our professional careers. Someone wanted to be an athlete, someone wanted to be a fireman or policeman, or maybe a world-renown chef and create dishes for the most famous restaurants. Some managed to fulfill their childhood dreams, and some went on different paths and became something else, like an accountant, lawyer, or any other mainstream career path.

If you say that you work as a professional gambler, you might raise some eyebrows, but that career is real and lucrative for those who are dedicated to it. Just ask Dan Bilzerian or Matthew Benham as some of the more famous names in the industry. The popular saying is that “gambling is a game of luck”, but in truth, luck has very little to do with it. Some of the world’s best professional players will tell you that gambling is a game of strategy in which you need to optimize your play to increase your success.

Online Bonuses as Your Tool for Success

To increase your chance of winning as a professional gambler, you should stop looking at these games as entertainment and approach gambling more seriously. The first thing that the players must do is take everything that is already given to them by casinos. Online casinos compete between themselves and offer bonuses to players, which can be used to increase your bankrolls.

There is a big difference between the bonuses that are offered and that is largely dependent on the online casinos that provide them. Every professional gambler must perform an analysis of which online casino provides the most lucrative bonuses. We can offer our analysis of the best online casino bonuses in Canada on this recently published source, where you will find the top 10 best casino bonus offers available in November.

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Furthermore, your choice of games is also important. There is another saying that states that “the house always wins”. If you want to increase your chances of success, try playing against other players and not against the house. Look for games that lean more on your skill, like poker or sports betting, since the NFL is already underway for example.

Welcome Bonus

Almost every respectable online casino will try to attract new players with a Welcome Bonus. They are your first glimpse of that casino and a powerful tool if used properly. The best use of this type of bonus is to get acquainted with newly discovered casinos, try out their games, and see if they are to your liking while also getting familiar with their software and interface.

After that, another use for this type of bonus is to generate some winnings and profit without the use of your own money. Lastly, you can use Welcome Bonus to increase your deposit amount and play higher-stakes games which, naturally, generate bigger prizes for the players that you can withdraw.

No Deposit Bonus

This type of bonus is one of the most popular promotions used to attract new players. It is usually awarded to players upon signing up. As the name suggests, there is no need to place your own money or enter any credit card information. As explained in the previous example, this type of bonus is great for trying out a new environment, and testing if the games are any good.

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With the proper strategy, you can enhance the balance on your account and make a withdrawal without using your own money. They may be some restrictions on this type of bonus, placed by the casino. For example, you will be able to use this bonus on specific games such as slots, specific card games, scratch cards, or roulette. In other scenarios, casinos place a maximum limit that you can cash out while playing this type of bonus.

Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is very simple to understand and take advantage of. They are used to motivate players to place their own money in their accounts, and the casino will then multiply that amount. If the deposit bonus is 100 percent, it means that you have doubled your money just by making a deposit, without playing any of the games on the site! Just don’t think that the casino is not aware of that.

There will most likely be restrictions on that total amount, either with limits or wagering requirements. The wagering requirement forces player to play the bonus amount numerous times and prevent them from cashing out their doubled amount. These types of fraud are prevented by a set of rules in iGaming, known best as Bonus Abuse.

Referral Bonus

To improve their stature and reach out to new players casinos are very creative in the field of marketing and advertising. The most important thing for a company is to be heard, and which better way is there than a positive experience from its customers? On the other hand, people trust the experience of their friends and family, they encourage them to place their own money. Therefore, online casinos invented Referral Bonuses that work very simply for the players and companies as well.

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If a player uses the link provided by an online casino, sends it to someone and that person uses it to create an account on the aforementioned casino, the player will receive a bonus which he can use for betting. In this way, all parties are satisfied, the casino gets a new player, a new player will have a casino with the recommendation, and you will receive a hefty referral bonus.


These bonuses are a powerful tool in the right hands. If you teach yourself the proper ways to use them and inform yourself of what each of them requires you can profit without placing your own money on the site. They can also be used in the way of boosting your place in the high-roller seat, placing higher bets or playing more hands with less money. Considering all of that, bonuses are an essential tool if you want to make a successful gambling career and exploit the fact that casinos must compete to attract new players. That sounds like a good opportunity for you.

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