Camicado’s website is down after the hacker attack that killed Lojas Rainer. Technology

Camicado's website is down after the hacker attack that killed Lojas Rainer.  Technology

The Camicado Store website and app have been down after a cyber attack affecting Lojas Rainer. Both the brands are from the same company.

The website and application have been closed since Thursday (19), when the group reported that a hacker attack affected its systems and its operations.

Camicado’s application warns that the system is under maintenance. The site, which also operates as an online store, reports that it has had a “systemic outage.”

Camicado’s application out of the air after the cyber attack on Lojas Rainer – Photo: Reproduction

In a statement, the company said that the information in its main database was preserved and that operations in the stores were not affected.

The company also said that its teams continue to mobilize “to execute the security and recovery plan with all its controls and security protocols in place and to re-establish all of the company’s operations”.

wanted by G1, Lojas Rainer did not specify how the attack affected his systems, nor which databases were affected.

In recent months, attacks have affected the systems of Brazilian companies and agencies. One of the victims was JBS, which in June said it had paid $11 million to recover its systems.

The payments came after the company’s operations in the United States, Canada and Australia were disrupted due to ransomware.

Ransomware is a type of virus that blocks access to the information stored on the system. The criminals aim to force the victim to pay to gain access to the data.

Diagnostic medicine group Fleury claimed in June that it was the target of a hacker attack attempt. The action made it difficult to access the test results for a few days.

Last Saturday (14), the Ministry of Economy revealed that the internal network of the Secretariat of the National Treasury was also the target of a ransomware attack.

Lojas Rainer did not say whether he too was a victim of ransomware.

Ransomware – Understand how viruses are used in extortion:

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