Economy suffers from Air Canada’s Boeing 737-8 Max turbine failure

Economy suffers from Air Canada's Boeing 737-8 Max turbine failure

The aircraft hired only three crew members and flew en route between Arizona, and Montreal in Canada. According to a Reuters agency note from the airline, soon after takeoff, the pilots received an engine failure warning, which was immediately called off.

The tribulation decided to divert the route to the city of Tucson, where they disproportionately landed. Boieng did not comment to Reuters about the incident.

US agency issues flights with Boeing 737 MAX

On November 18, Boeing received approval from the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to resume 737-8 MAX flights after nearly two years of suspension. FAA chief Steve Dixon signed an order suspending the flight ban and the agency issued a directive citing the necessary changes.

In September this year, a panel of the United States Congress concluded after an 18-month investigation that two accidents with the Boeing 737-8 Max were the result of failures by aircraft manufacturers Boeing and the FAA.

“They were the terrible result of a series of incorrect technical assumptions by Boeing engineers, a lack of transparency on behalf of Boeing management and largely inadequate FAA oversight,” the report concluded.

Boeing 737 Max returns for commercial flights in Brazil

Boeing 737 Max returns for commercial flights in Brazil

“Among the design requirements is the determination to reconfigure the flight control system of this aircraft model, the improvement of cable routing, the modification of the procedures included in the flight manual, and the recalculation test of the sensor”. Agency in a statement.

Only Gol Linhas Ares has model aircraft in the country. According to the airline, training was done for 140 pilots in the United States with Boeing and for a “rigorous series” of technical flights, before the planes were re-incorporated into their fleet.

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