How to Interpret a Guinea Pig’s Behavior in 5 Steps

How to Interpret a Guinea Pig's Behavior in 5 Steps

you know how to interpret behavior of Scapegoat, Today, December 5th, on FolhaGo’s My Pet blog, you’ll learn all about this cute pet’s treats to satisfy your cravings. Learn more with us!

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Pet Tips: How to Interpret a Guinea Pig’s Behavior in 5 Steps | Photo: Pixabay

Guinea pig: a cute and very expressive pet

Guinea pigs, although they have that name, originated in South America and are domesticated animals that measure between 20 and 25 cm, weigh up to 1 kg and live between 5 and 6 years. Furthermore, they prefer to live in groups made up of 10 animals and feed only on vegetables, that is, they are herbivores. Now see how to identify the behavior of this cute pet in 5 steps.

1) The guinea pig is jumping like popcorn

A very common behavior in guinea pigs is to jump into a popcorn order when they are happy. In other words, if you see your pet jumping like popcorn in a pan, know that he is overjoyed!

2) Dancing with ruffled fur and vibrating sound

When your pet moves as if it is dancing with its hind legs, fur slightly bristling and making subtle vibrating sounds, know that it will attack. This usually happens when you want to fight with another little pig.

3) static

There’s no secret: When your pig is immobile, it’s very afraid of something or someone, whether it’s a human or someone else.

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Pet Tips: How to Interpret Guinea Pig Treats in 5 Steps
Pet Tips: How to Interpret a Guinea Pig’s Behavior in 5 Steps | Photo: Pixabay

4) Screaming rhythm

When your pet shouts a rhythmic “cui kui kui” sound, it means he craves food. In this sense, he makes this sound when he sees you standing next to the fridge, cupboard, or where he knows he has food.

5) Puring: Yet Another Guinea Pig Treat

Your pet may purr like a cat. This happens when he is feeling relaxed and happy, usually when he receives affection.

Now that you know what behavior of Scapegoat I mean, stay tuned and try to meet the needs to make your pet happy.

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Wait a while and watch the cat Boquinho eat the fruit

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