Jude Law Warning of Covid-19 Epidemic by Real Scientists on ‘Infectious’ Year Set

Jude Law Warning of Covid-19 Epidemic by Real Scientists on ‘Infectious’ Year Set
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The ‘Sherlock Holmes’ actor says he was ‘not too surprised’ by the global coronavirus epidemic because of his experience on the set of the 2011 film.

Jude Law “Not very surprised” after starring in the movie “Kovid-19” epidemicInfectious“.

The 47-year-old actor appears in the film as Alan Kramvidi, who tells the story of the spread of a deadly virus. Talking to GQ Magazine about his role in the film, Jude always believed that something similar would happen in the real world.

“I knew it was going to happen,” he said quietly. “The great scientists who set up with us who worked with Scott (Z. Burns) author and (director) Steven (Soderberg) were very educated and experienced people who knew what to expect. And they all told us it was going to happen – and that was the case at the time. ”

“The way they described it, just as it happened, just made sense. What a scary thing you’re learning in a set like this because you’re being advised by experts, but it’s important. Does not sit. ”

Judd added that when he first heard about the Kovid-19 virus and its launch in China, his “alarm bells” started ringing.

“When 2020 began, and we heard what was happening in China in the beginning, what was happening all over the world, the alarm went off,” he said. “Unfortunately, I wasn’t too surprised.”

Meanwhile, his co-star Kate Winslet A separate interview earlier this year. The 2011 film prepared him for the horrors of the coronavirus epidemic.

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“People thought I was crazy because I had been wearing a mask for weeks, going to the grocery store and wiping everything with isopropyl alcohol and wearing gloves,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “Then all of a sudden, March 13th came around, and people were like, ‘F ** k, where do I get one of those masks?’

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