Kia Cars will be exported to Latin America, say Indians

Kia Carens 2022

Recently introduced in India, kia carens Additional work will be required by the manufacturer’s local subsidiary. This is because the model will be produced exclusively in an Asian country from where it will be distributed to other markets in the world. And one of them would be Latin America.

According to Tae-Jin Park, CEO of Kia in India, it is expected that 20% of the production in the country will be destined for export. The executive said that the model will be shipped to both countries with a right-hand direction, such as Indonesia, and a left-hander, as well as to Latin America.

Moreover, the Indian Kia CEO has confirmed that the car will be produced only in his country. Therefore, to supply other markets, it will be necessary to increase the production capacity of the plants in Anantapur and Andhra Pradesh.

For this year, Indian production should be around 2.25 million units, with a forecast to reach 3 million in 2022. However, the goal is to produce 4 million vehicles, which should also help reduce the queue for other Kia cars, such as Seltos i do sonnet,

Arrival in Latin America

Although they have confirmed that the model is coming to the Latin American continent, there is no date for that to happen.

Nor was the confirmation of the countries receiving the new Kia Carrene. So it is important to closely monitor the model’s position in India to know what the next steps will be for the South Korean brand.

wanted by carAs of now, Kia Brasil has not disclosed whether new caravans are planned for the new local portfolio of the company.

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Kia Carens 2022
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