Please help us! Meghan Markle and Harry want financial support for English Royal Family – World

Please help us!  Meghan Markle and Harry want financial support for English Royal Family - World
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to ask for a one-year extension of the exhibit agreement In order to maintain the financial support of the royal trustees, reports to the ‘Daily Mail’.

The Duke of Sussex will be negotiating first with senior members of the Royal House, and later face-to-face. One of the new discussion points will be the couple’s new contracts with Netflix and Spotify, which must follow Queen Elizabeth II’s rules if Megixit is extended for 12 months., Starting in March.

After several months of problems with the family, Meghan and Harry may have reclaimed their relationships with some senior members, including Prince William and They will also look to return to Britain for Isabel II’s 95th birthday in April, stay in that country until July, in June for the Duke of Edinburgh’s 100th birthday, and inaugurate the statue of Princess Diana in the month. Following.

On the other hand, the palace sources say that the extension of the agreement does not please everyone in the Royal House. This review period [o ano de 2020] Was put [no acordo] When Harry and Meghan want to resume work as royalty, but they make it clear that they want an independent life. New talks as “garbage”

Royal biographer Andrew Morton told the Daily Mail that Sussex contacts with the Queen are more than you think and that Harry would be sorry to announce his sudden quit through social work in January this year, But you will not be sorry for the decision.

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Projects for 2021

Thinking about maintaining Casa Real’s financial support, without the obligation of actions, Sussex has other plans for next year. Starting with millionaire deals with streaming platform Netflix e Spotify, Of which they will receive 111 million euros and 33 million euros respectively, which is considered for a documentary and podcast.

Meghan is also making her debut as a soap opera writer.

First official images of Meghan and Harry since they visited the USA

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