Against a harsh reality, women are fighting for space in a leadership position in the Brazilian Games Olympics

Against a harsh reality, women are fighting for space in a leadership position in the Brazilian Games Olympics

According to data from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), out of 206 Olympic committees worldwide, only 17 are headed by women. These are the numbers, which sadly are not a novelty, but another example of the lack of historical representation of the female figure in leadership positions outside and inside Brazil. For this reason, in her honor, which is the inspiration and symbol of the struggle for gender equality in power, GE celebrates female references to Brazilian sport.

– I hope other women see me as a model. Many great players on the national team, if we support them, can be a very good technique. We need to change history to ensure more coaches, or it would be a waste. But, I believe it is in the mix: it is good for men and women for better results – said Pia Sundage, coach of the women’s football team.

Pia during the game against Argentina – Photo: Sam Robles / CBF

The current technology of the Sweden, Brazil team, which already has two courses with the United States, is an example of an effort to reduce the country’s heterogeneity. In Team Brasil, the number of coaches is still very low, but it is actually growing. In 1996, only two women went to the Atlanta Games as coaches, 4.6% of the total, while in 2016 there were 13 coaches, up from 11%.

According to previous World Economic Forum data, progress will continue, but there is still a long way to go. The forecast is that this gender parity in management positions will occur only in another 99 years. And this is why quoting these exceptions needs to be celebrated.

Cases like Lucian Resende should be counted. She is the only female president of 35 Olympic federations in the country – she is into artistic gymnastics. Unique is also the case of Administrator Marianna Mayne, the first female CEO to occupy the chief executive position of Brazil’s Rugby Confederation, a sport in which Brazil has already categorized the women’s team.

Natalia Falavigna, Bronze at Pekim 2008 – Photo: Agonasia / Reuters

And what about the successful example of former Taekwondo athlete Natalia Falavigna’s bronze in Beijing in 2008? In the position of selection coordinator for 3 years, he achieved historic results with the team. In 2019, a record medal at the World Championship with 2 Silver and 3 Bronze. Not to mention that for the first time Brazil will compete in the Olympics with three real chances for medals based on the talents of athletes Milina Titanelli, Icaro Miguel and Adiville Pontes.

– I think I have respect, but I feel that respect has to be earned daily. With good work, good work, good relationships, it is possible to show that I have the ability and other women have the ability to be in charge of management positions – said Natalia.

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