Donsick effect: registration of infants named “Luca” triple in the US. NBA

Donsick effect: registration of infants named “Luca” triple in the US.  NBA

Luca Donsik is one of the top names in the NBA, but has been an inspiration for many children’s names in the Slovenian United States. Since Donsick’s debut in the NBA in 2018, Luca has been named U.S. The number of records in I has tripled.

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Luka Doncic, astro do Dallas Mavericks – Photo: Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

According to a survey by the Dallas Morning News, in 2020 more than two thousand children under the name Luca were registered in the United States. The number garnered attention compared to 2017, which was only 704, a year before Donsick went to the NBA. children

Luca is ranked 163 in the ranking of the most popular names for boys in the United States. The name has risen to 241 positions since its arrival in the Slovenian basketball league.

Asked about the fact that fans name their children in his honor, Doncic politely took it and said he was honored.

Other big stars in American sports are also awarded for “name” babies. Tom and Brady are common names among the children of Patriots fans. And Giannis, home of the Milwaukee Bucks, began appearing in children’s records in the state of Wisconsin.

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