Doom and Doom II received official widescreen support after 27 years

Doom and Doom II received official widescreen support after 27 years

Doomsday This is a game that doesn’t die right now, no matter how many times you blast those ghosts – and owner Bethesda showed the 27-year-old original fit enough to give you all the upgrades this year. Following the addition of 60fps support and add-ons created by Community Nitty in January, Reissued Doomsday And Doomsday II Now the official 16: 9 widescreen support is also available.

Accordingly A Bethesda blog post (Via Polygon) The company has modified the original Doom Renderer 16: 9 to provide the original form of boxing without any risk, giving you a glimpse of a larger area on the actual game rather than large ugly borders or just the current image. Is pulled.

The lack of a letterbox should be especially useful for owners of Nintendo Switch, iPhone and Android versions of the game, as those big borders will no longer cut their already small screens – and on Android, games (Doomsday, Doomsday II) Now also supports 90Hz and 120Hz devices.

That’s not all: the engine is now targeting Dehacad Modes, Nintendo Switch and PS4 (or with Dual Lashlock 4 on PC), controller support on iOS, 120Hz mode on iOS, possibly just the iPad Pro. Supports for. ), Adjustable FPS limiter on computer PC, and Much more.

It seems that the re-release of these doomsday by Bethesda, in fact, is creating a lot of harmony after their release. A particularly strange piece of DRM That’s it soon Decided to remove them.

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