Google releases new OS Fuchsia: will it become the “Android killer”

Компания Google выпустила новую ОС Fuchsia: станет ли она заменой Android?

Not so long ago, Google announced the release of a new operating system. The system went through beta testing, which lasted several months, and is now out on Nest Hub devices. Experts often call the new OS the successor to Android. Is this really not the case, and what are the chances for him to completely replace the “robot”?

what kind of system

Work on this project is going on since 2015. The system was developed from the beginning and is positioned as a replacement for all existing Google projects. Based on Fuchsia Zircon Microkernel. This architecture contributes to higher system performance and also improves performance. The manufacturer also notes that you can preinstall the new OS on a much larger list of devices than Android or Chrome OS.


In particular, this is said of the “smart” home, smartphones and computers. According to the developer, fuchsia does not require a lot of resources. The OS entered the final stages of testing in the first month of spring last year. And now the premiere has happened: the first generation of Nest Hub screens have been equipped with a new system. After it was done, the interface on the devices remained the same, which cannot be said about the internal changes.


The system is often touted as a replacement for the OS companies previously developed, but it’s not really clear why Google is promoting the project now. However, experts have some assumptions.

what the developer says

The head of the Android department managed to talk on this account:

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“The new system will not be a direct replacement for Android. At Fuchsia, we develop and test our latest achievements in the field of OS, so we can implement our most successful inventions and developments with this software product,” Hiroshi Lockheimer said.

The expert also said that there is no clear understanding yet on which devices the new system works best. If Android is the optimal solution for smartphones and tablets, Chrome OS for laptops, then in the case of Fuchsia there are still questions.

“As of now we do not know what will happen with Fuchsia in the future. Only one thing is clear, we have no intention of abandoning Android,” the message says.

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