KS Trend-Tacho: “Future is of Hydrogen Drive”

KS Trend-Tacho: “Future is of Hydrogen Drive”

According to the current “Trend Tacho” survey by the testing organization KS, the hybrid engine would be a perceptive option especially for German drivers, followed by hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles and electric cars. According to the assessment, the population experience with such vehicles is increasing and their ecological value is being recognized. Respondents gave the fuel cell the greatest opportunity for the future.

According to the current trend tachometer, 57 percent of motorists surveyed in Germany can basically imagine buying a hybrid car. Fuel cell would be an option for 43 percent and electric car for 38 percent. The choice of diesel may be 39 percent warmer. For the majority (84%), gasoline remains a popular choice when purchasing a car.

Of those polled, 16 percent have already completed a test drive with e-mobile, 5 percent more than the 2020 taco. 73 percent see the most ecologically sensible type of drive as fuel in hybrids, 62 percent in hybrids. And 49 percent in electric drives. 64 percent believe the fuel cell has the greatest potential for the future, with 54 percent for hybrid drives and 51 percent for electric cars.

“The future is that of hydrogen propulsion. This is the decision of motorists in the Trend-Taco survey. On the road, however, the hybrid engine is currently making a run. So when it comes to the future of automobiles, excitement is the order of the day, ”says Peter Schuler, managing director of K ComesS. For the current trend speedometer, a survey of 1000 car drivers was conducted in February, which are jointly responsible for questions about cars in homes.

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