An iceberg may not have sunk the Titanic, a new study finds

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Just knowing when we think we know everything here TitanicUnsinkable ships, giant icebergs, “I am the king of the world,” etc. – come with interesting new discoveries that raise big questions about what really happened on the terrible night of April 14, 1912. The effect of weather from space Really the reason Titanic Drowning?

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The main finding of the new study is that the Northern Hemisphere was hit by a “moderate to severe” magnetic storm that night, which could have caused a change. TitanicThe navigational readings of, both affect its planned course And The crew shared their position during the SOS signals.

The idea is very simple. The sun, powered by an atomic dynamo that burns millions of degrees, is engulfed in sunshine. These, in turn, are punctuated by the size of the Earth by giant explosives or even larger: solar flares.

“In just a few minutes, they heat the material to millions of degrees and generate one billion megatons of TNT.” As soon as the release is released, ” NASA explains. These flares are often caused by magnetic changes or crashes, and their explosions cause magnetic waves through the solar system.

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It instinctively suggests that the hottest thing in the solar system experiences a lot of responses to rotating and changing magnetic fields. Earth is a successful habitat for living things, partly because humans have a protective magnetic field that represents a huge deal of solar radiation and cosmic air that would throw us into a bald, lifeless, Mars-like planetary surface. .

This magnetic field changes and changes over time, especially as magnetic poles revolve around the earth’s surface. Animals and humans have learned to rely on magnetic poles, in the form of man-made devices such as compasses. Animal knowledge for migration and navigation. Compasses, like clocks, must be adjusted to the correct units e.g. Accounting for magnetic answers As it turns out in a normal way.

It is here that we reconnect Titanic. The paper is owned by author Mila Zinkova Published about four previous papers Titanic In the journal RMetS weather, Investigating a theory that mirrors or other visual disturbances played a role in the sinking. Now, Zinkova is using weather and space data to explore a different theory.

If a solar flare is so severe that it is marked by the so-called Aurora borealis on that historic night, it could encircle the Earth’s magnetic field and wreak havoc with magnetic devices such as the compass. Even today, solar flares disrupt power grid and space traffic, and truly valuable file backups. Safety can be kept in the Faraday cage.

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The impact on the compass affected the coordinates reported in the crisis signs, Zhinkova wrote. “The Of the Titanic A fourth officer, Joseph Baxhall, worked for the ship’s SOS status. Baxhall’s location was about 13 nautical kilometers (24 kilometers) from their original location, “Zinkova writes.

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But the rescue plane Carpathia Maybe that was misinformation. “Carpathia compasses could be under the influence of a geomagnetic storm for 5.5 hours, before and after. TitanicHas SOS, and until it reaches the lifeboats, “Zinkova continues. “Therefore, a possible combined compass error could be one of the factors contributing to the successful rescue of Titanic survivors.”

It also points to how the solar flare was localized. Ships ignited in a certain area. Received radio calls or missed them altogether. Back on the ground or outside the affected area, everything seemed normal except when contacting or trying Titanic And other ships nearby.

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