Time travel is not as dangerous as we think, the study says – BGR.

Time travel is not as dangerous as we think, the study says - BGR.
  • Researchers say that if you are worried about the paradox of time travel, you should not.
  • Based on a lot of complex math, the team says they have determined that the content related to time travel will correct itself.
  • For example, you can go back and talk to your past self without ruining your future or changing it in a measurable way.

Time travel is, of course, a very scientific fantasy, at least for now. Many theories have suggested that time travel – including the past – may actually be possible based on our understanding of physics. Still, one big question remains, and that is what is often found in movies and TV shows that interrupt alternative timelines: what about spoilage?

A common example of a disorder that is often mentioned in fictional stories about time travel is that changing the past in such a way that there is a potentially high risk that the time traveler ceases to exist on its own. For example, talking to one’s parents or grandparents can change their destiny and eventually lead to a time when the traveler is never born first. Now, A new study suggests That we don’t have to worry about such things.

Like everything related to the concept of time travel, the paper considers some of the higher concepts. Written to a Queensland University graduate student and his physicist, the paper examines the classic case of the paradox and states that, in principle, the paradox will correct itself to maintain the status of the “future” if we Going back in time.

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Researchers say that based on the principle of general relativity, it should be possible to go back in time and interact with oneself. Using some math that I wouldn’t even pretend to understand, the pair make a paradox-free time travel case based on the idea that no matter what changes you’ve made in the past, improvements will be made automatically. The future may not be affected in a measurable way.

“Say you traveled on time, in an effort to prevent Covid-19 patients from having zero bacteria,” said Dr. Fabio Costa, co-author of the work. Said in a statement. “However if you stop that person from getting infected – it will take away the motivation for you to go back and stop the epidemic in the first place. It’s a disorder – an inconsistency that often leads people to think that time travels in our universe. “

OK, so what’s the solution? After subtracting the numbers, the pair say that in principle, the reality will fix itself in one way or another.

Lead author Jermaine Tower explains, “In the Zero Example of Coronavirus Patient, you can try and prevent the patient from infecting Zero, but by doing so you will catch the virus and the patient will become Zero, or someone More, says leader author, Jermaine Tober. “No matter what you do, the major events around you will remind you again. This will mean that – no matter what your actions – the epidemic becomes epidemic, inspiring your little ones to go back and stop it. “

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These are some mind boggling things, and of course, there is no real way to prove it true or not because we don’t have the ability to travel through time and, based on everything we think we can. As we know, we are still a long way from achieving that success. However, if you find yourself running on the sidewalk, don’t be afraid. Obviously, all this will eventually work out on its own.

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