Rare ‘Boomerang’ Earthquake Tracked by Scientists in the Ocean for the First Time

Scarce ‘Boomerang’ Earthquake Tracked by Researchers in the Ocean for the First Time

Reconstructed picture of the fracture zone. Credit: Hicks et al. Researchers observed a ‘boomerang’ earthquake alongside Atlantic Ocean fault line,…

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Scientists discover way to make quantum states last 10,000 times longer

Experts find way to make quantum states last 10,000 occasions more time

A crew of experts at the College of Chicago’s Pritzker Faculty of Molecular Engineering announced the discovery of a basic…

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New dinosaur closely related to the Tyrannosaurus rex discovered in England

New dinosaur carefully similar to the Tyrannosaurus rex identified in England

Researchers have found what they consider to be a new species of theropod dinosaur — making it a near relative…

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Russell Kirsch

Russell Kirsch, inventor of the pixel, dies in Oregon at age 91

Russell Kirsch, a pc scientist credited with inventing the pixel and scanning the world’s very first digital photograph, died Aug….

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SpaceX has already begun closed alpha testing of Starlink user terminals in anticipation of the constellation's internet service debut. (Richard Angle)

SpaceX setting up virtually 1500 Starlink satellites per 12 months

SpaceX has disclosed a few essential details about its burgeoning Starlink satellite online constellation in a recent regulatory presentation, touching…

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Visualize the Perseid meteor stream in area | Astronomy Necessities

Perseid meteor stream visualization. It appears to be blurry mainly because it is a monitor shot from a video. Be…

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Europe's earliest bone tools found in Britain

Europe’s earliest bone instruments found in Britain

Picture copyright UCL Institute of Archaeology Graphic caption A single of the oldest organic tools in the earth. A bone…

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Ceres is an ocean world with salty water under the surface, NASA mission finds

Ceres is an ocean planet with salty drinking water underneath the surface area, NASA mission finds

Although this global ocean beneath the planet’s surface probably froze more than time, remnants of it could however be present…

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Inside the mind of an animal

Inside the mind of an animal

Two years ago, Jennifer Li and Drew Robson were trawling through terabytes of data from a zebrafish-brain experiment when they…

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Dwarf planet Ceres is 'ocean world' with salty water deep underground

Dwarf planet Ceres is ‘ocean world’ with salty drinking water deep underground

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Ceres, the most significant item in the asteroid belt involving Mars and Jupiter, is an “ocean world”…

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