WhatsApp function prevents people from leaving you in a vacuum

WhatsApp function prevents people from leaving you in a vacuum

No one deserves to wait for hours for the response of a specific person in a WhatsApp group. However, it looks like this problem is about to end. Platform users will be able to see who responded to a message in groups and in certain chats.

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When sending an emoji as a response to a conversation, the name of the person who sketched the response will appear as a notification. Therefore, one can verify the interest of others in their comments. Reactions with icons, which were already used in other social networks, enabled the app’s communication to be dynamic and to express emotions accurately.

Find out how the WhatsApp function that encourages people to reply to messages quickly

The WABetaInfo portal published news about the ongoing testing in the beta version. Few people have access to it and it is likely that the update will be coming soon for Android and iOS systems. The choice to activate the application, not letting the conversation stop, may divide opinion based on the activation model of these views.

Also the function that notifies when a photo print is taken, the registration of this system becomes involuntary when it is activated. So, everyone is likely to know who sent the sticker or not. However, it is worth waiting for the change to happen, considering what the reaction will be from people who use WhatsApp frequently.

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