Update that will make WhatsApp Status look like Stories

Update that will make WhatsApp Status look like Stories

WhatsApp is changing a lot as the meta looks at the changes made in the group to other networks. In this way, it is not so difficult for the Mark Zuckerberg team to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding audience. Taking advantage of the popularity of instant messaging solutions, perhaps one day the tool will be integrated with Instagram or Facebook.

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In Stories, it’s possible to react using emoji and even avatars, a tool recently added among layout changes. The interactivity increases as it becomes much easier to respond to a post. Usually when an update occurs, the Android and iOS systems automatically benefit from the latest settings.

whatsapp status is becoming more and more like instagram stories

WhatsApp Status is used to create instant content that will be viewed by the saved contacts. Since this is an app to which trusted profiles are added, the pictures and text are more personal. After issuing a response with icons in messages considering several options and not just the six that were previously selected, they now decided to expand the function.

The functionality is still under development and is published by the exclusive portal WABetaInfo. Nothing is official, however, with 8 pre-defined emojis keeping in mind the preferences of the users, the chances of them releasing soon are very good. In the beta version, a response will be activated by swiping up on ‘Reply’, unlike Instagram, which provides a specific button that activates the action.

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