App removed by Google for stealing and sharing information

App removed by Google for stealing and sharing information

A few days back, Google scanned several applications on its official store, the Play Store. So stay tuned, if you have downloaded an app, your personal information might be at risk.

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The reason for the deprecation of the apps was the fact that they pertain to password sharing, created by known malware.

Which app did Google remove from its store?

The app removed by Google is called PIP Pic. It was a camera photo editor app with many features and filters to change photo art. In total, there were over 500 downloads of the application. The app is currently not active for download as it has been removed by Google.

But, why did Google remove PIP Pic?

Google discovered that the software in the app contained a contagious virus. The virus involved stealing passwords from Facebook and other applications as well as personal information.

Since the app was already using it with over 500 people, the only way left for Google was to remove the app from its official store.

How are the people who have downloaded PIP Pic?

Unfortunately, 500+ accounts that download the app are vulnerable with respect to their sensitive information and data. Although Google has already blocked the access of the app and users, it is good to check if the app has indeed been removed from your cell phone, and keep an eye on your information.

What can and should be done to change all passwords for social networks, applications and folders.

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This finding Dr. Webb, but it is not the only one that causes danger. There are many malicious applications available for download. In which were listed:

Wild and exotic animal wallpapers, zodiac horoscope, pip camera 2022 and magnifier flashlight.

As of now, we know that PIP Pic and Rashi Horoscope has been removed. But if by any chance you still have access to them, delete them immediately and change your most used app passwords.

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