Years later, Google tests again with AR glasses

Years later, Google tests again with AR glasses

Google Yesterday (19) announced the resumption of tests with augmented reality (AR) glasses. Since the failure of Google Glass in 2013, this is the first time that the company has returned to the product, as one of the future consumer trends.

The new prototype will have the camera, microphone and display on the lens itself. Here you can see the real-time translation of a symbol in another language. Or arrows indicating the path guided by Google Maps. Or even weather and weather information in the next few hours.

The company is already in the testing phase in an open environment. But, unlike what happened with Glass, the experiment will be on a very sneaky scale, limited to a select few participants, such as employees and Googlers (trusted users of the company). After all, the new product has its limitations and is still under development.

“Our AR prototypes do not support photography and videography, although the image data is used to enable experiences such as translating the menu in front of you or showing directions to a nearby cafe,” says Product Manager Justin Payne, official note.

The failure of Google Glass seems to have not been forgotten. “It is early days and we want to fix this, so we are taking it slow, with a strong focus on ensuring the privacy of testers and those around them,” comments Payne

The product manager promises to provide more information when test results are revealed.

Other companies are also betting on Augmented Reality, such as Apple that is developing AR. headphones withand Meta Group, which launched Oculus Quest 2In 2020, a headset that also acts as virtual glasses for games.

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