Brasileiro recreates the Big Family theme in Mario Paint by SNES

Imagem de: Brasileiro recria tema da Grande Família no Mario Paint de SNES

A grande familia and memes are two of the most popular things to do in Brazil. That’s why I’m not some creations and jokes using elements of the classic series, especially its soundtrack. But a Brazilian decided to go further, using nostalgia to create the show’s theme song. mario paint, from Super Nintendo.

The producer of the song appears on Twitter under the username Beto. @jacaredasarte. but is no youtube that Beto shows his creations Mario Paint. For those who are not such fans of Grande Familia, we also have another great classic of national music, the hit Dormi na Praca by Bruno and Maron.

Now, if you like international hits, you can also find Under Pressure and Everybody Wants to Rule the World, which are all made up of musical instruments. mario’s face, from mushrooms and other items mario paint.

hey mario paint The game was ahead of its time. The title included a variety of construction equipment, including drawings, from which it actually got its name. But the music-making resource has found new life in today’s connected world. Creators like Beto manage to bring all kinds of music to older SNES games, and some of the results are actually fun.

So we ask Voxel readers. If you can choose a track from outside the gaming world to listen to a version mario paint, what would be your choice?

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