New update lets you edit offline

New update lets you edit offline

Coming out of the oven, the new update of Google Docs Enables your users to edit their documents even when they are offline. one of the reasons new google docs update You still have to drop any dependencies on the package, that’s for good. The Office,

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Learn more about the new Docs update

Google recently confirmed that its Workspace, a package that houses Google Docs, Drive, Sheets and more, is now available for editing Office files without being connected to the Internet.

While Microsoft Office Files is indeed compatible with content displayed on Google Workspace, the option to work on your files while offline was not yet allowed. However, now, considering that productivity should not depend on an Internet connection, regardless of the type of file being used at the moment, this possibility already exists.

See how Google Docs works

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides will help you work offline on Office files. The whole process will work just like it does with Google Files. So it only works with files that are opened in Office Edit Mode, which essentially means you’ve opened them with the Google Workspace app first.

For this, you have to enable offline access beforehand. To do this, download the Google Docs Offline Chrome extension, which is installed in Chrome or Edge itself, if you don’t already have it. Once this is done, go to the Settings menu and click on the gear icon in the top right corner, selecting Settings. So just check or activate offline configuration. You will then be able to access your files offline. Any changes to offline documents will be synced to Google Drive when you reconnect to the Internet.

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