In the previous Olympics, only Brazil and the United Kingdom surpassed the medal tally as hosts. 2020 Olympics

Martine Grael e Kahena Kunze conquistaram a segunda medalha de ouro nas Olimpíadas

Martin Grail and Kahena Kunj win second Olympic gold medalAFP

Published 08/06/2021 1:41 pm

That number could go up this morning with Isaquis Queiroz in canoeing, bronze on Saturday morning and the men’s volleyball competition for the equestrian teams – by securing at least 20 medals – Brazil made history at the Tokyo-2020 Olympics. Brazilian athletes surpassed Rio-2016 as the best number of podium climbers in the country’s history to make it to the top, repeating a feat that only the United Kingdom had achieved in the previous 10 editions of the Games. .

After a record medals tally of 17 in Rio-2016, it was easy to imagine that this target would hardly be achieved in Tokyo-2020. After all, the recent history of the Olympics has shown that countries are usually at their best when they host, facing a decline in the next edition. However, Brazil proved to be a welcome exception, as did the United Kingdom five years earlier.

Now, Team Brasil needs Bea Ferreira and Hébert Conciçao in women’s volleyball, men’s football and boxing, to surpass 7 gold medals in 2016 to become champions, the country’s record so far in participation in the Olympics.

Bruno Freitas won bronze in 50m freestyleAFP

Countries’ performance after four years

With 20 medals guaranteed, Brazil has already surpassed 19 when it hosted the Games. In 2016, the UK, with 67, won two more than London-2012. They were the only country to have performed better after being host since Los Angeles–1984 (as the Soviet Union boycotted the 1984 Games, a comparison with Moscow–1980 was not possible).

For example, China won nine medals less than the 100 in Beijing-2008 in 2012. Greece’s performance in the same year was the worst, with only three podiums, compared to 16 in Athens-2004.

In the Greek Games, Australia had 58 medals, eight fewer than in Sydney-2020, but more gold (17 against 16 at home). On the other hand, the United States had a margin of 8 less with respect to Atlanta–1996 (101), while in the same year, Spain achieved 17 against 22 in Barcelona–1992.

Four years after Seoul–1988, South Korea took the same 12 gold medals, but climbed the podium four times less. In the end, the biggest difference in performance was in relation to the United States, which did not have the Soviet Union to compete in Los Angeles, with a total of 174 medals, winning 94 in Korea.

Rayssa Leal wins silver in Tokyo - Breno Barros/
Raisa Leal wins silver medal in TokyoBreno Barros/
Brazil’s medals so far:

Gold: Italo Ferreira (surfing), Rebecca Andrade (gymnastics/jumping), Martín Grael/Kahena Kunz (49er FX class sailing) and Ana Marcella Cunha (water marathon);

Silver: Calvin Hoefler (Skate Street), Rebecca Andrade (gymnastics/ordinary person), Raisa Leal (Skate Street) and Pedro Barros (Skate Park);

Bronze: Alisson dos Santos (Athletics/400m with Hurdles), Thiago Braz (Athletics/Pole Vault), Abner Teixeira (boxing up to 91kg), Myra Aguirre (Judo), Daniel Caragin (Judo), Bruno Fretas (50 m freestyle swimming), Fernando Schaefer (200 m freestyle swimming) and Luisa Stefani and Laura Pigosi (tennis).

Medals are already guaranteed: women’s volleyball, men’s football, Bia Ferreira and Hebert Concicao in boxing.

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