iPhone 14 Pro (Max) should come without a notch

iPhone 14 Pro (Max) should come without a notch

The top smartphones under Apple Display are likely to integrate Face ID face recognition.

Although the next generation of iPhones will take a few more months to launch, information is already leaking through Apple’s upcoming smartphone lineup. Of course, these should still be consumed with caution. Whereas iphone 13
Due to minor changes, it is higher than the iPhone 12s, there are likely to be quite major changes for the upcoming Apple smartphone, which will likely be called the iPhone 14.

iphone 14 pro mit display-elasticity

therefore Report MacRumorsthat without the two iPhone 14 Pro models Mark
Should meet. The display notch on the iPhone 13 has been tweaked a bit, but it still takes up a fairly large portion of the front. However, with the next flagship model, the display should have a camera hole, as is known from many Android smartphones. The complex technology for Face ID and proximity sensor should be integrated under the display. If the information turns out to be correct, the iPhone 14 Pro will have a significantly larger display area, which is only obstructed by a small hole.

The notch remains the same with the normal version

With the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 mini (if one comes), however, the notch should remain. Expensive sub-display technology probably won’t be a good fit for Apple here. And raising prices even higher will likely reduce many buyers.

The iPhone 14 series should be introduced in September 2022. The only thing that is certain at this time is that the new Apple smartphones will run with the new iOS 16 operating system.

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