Lionel Messi takes a stand against network abuse after racism in England: ‘faster and worse’ – 05/01/2021

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This Saturday, Or Argentina Lionel Messi It was published on social networks in support of the movement started in England against the abuses on social networks. In the post, Star took advantage of the 200 million followers mark to emphasize the movement against discrimination on the Internet and called for immediate measures to change the landscape.
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– We should strongly condemn these hostile attitude and demand that companies looking after social networks take immediate measures against these behaviors. I would like you, the 200 million people who are with me, to be 200 million reasons to make social networks a safer and more respectable place – he wrote.

At the end, his outsider Lionel Messi, along with UEFA, congratulated the English Championship action, creating a “blackout” on the social network. Opposes recent cases of hate and racism on social media against players in the competition. The trigger for the campaign was a racist attack on West Brownwich Albion athlete Romine Seti.

– Big Hug congratulates everyone and I from football in the United Kingdom for the idea of ​​campaigning against abuse and discrimination on social networks – Messi concluded.

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