Mato Grosso do Sul short film on mental health also shown in India – art

Mato Grosso do Sul short film on mental health also shown in India - art

The short film talks about mental health and is shown in national festivals and even in India

The short “What Art Dude for Me” talks about mental health and is on display today at 7 p.m. (Photo: Disclosure)

Mato Grosso do Sul actress and filmmaker, Tatiani Furuse, decided to produce a short film that talks about mental disorders, prejudice, misinformation and the consequences of this ignorance. “What Art Did For Me” is a 15-minute film that “won” Brazil and the world, being presented at the International Festival of Calcutta, India.

On Brazilian soil, the film is being shown as the sole representative of Mato Grosso do Sul at the 1 Mostra Independiente de Cinema do Nordesté, which runs until 7 pm today.

The film is based on Tatiani’s own experiences. “Mental health is a complex issue even in medicine, because of its differences. Each person has a specialty and each case brings a special variety. I found my first answers through art, when I read the book ‘The Nun Demon’ From then on I realized the power of this instrument of art as the voice for this fight”, he explains.

Tatiani has also starred in soap operas produced by Globo such as “Amor a Vida” and “Vivar a Vida”. But now, with this film, he wants to draw attention to the topic of mental health in addition to enhancing local audiovisual production.

“This work is not mine, it is a fight, the voice of every person who needs to be heard and respect and awareness towards the society. We can also show that the production of Mato Grosso do Sul is of quality”, he confirms.

The film was produced with the resources of Aldir Blanc Law. The exhibition takes place at 7 pm and is online. Tickets will cost R$10 and can be purchased on the show’s website, Click here

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