Medina, Italo and 5 other Brazilians advance to Australia – more games

Medina, Italo and 5 other Brazilians advance to Australia – more games

Controversy for the forum this morning Margaret River, West of Australia, Fourth of World Surfing Circuit. Among women, Tatiana Weston-Webb, Joe tries to maintain a good stage after being runners-up at Narrabeen, won the first heat of the day and secured a spot in the round of 16 of the competition. among men, Gabriel Medina, Italo Ferreira, Filippo Toledo, Peterson Crescento, Jadson Andre, Miguel Pupo and Adriano de Souza Advanced to the next stage.

The only Brazilian to go into the repechage was Alex Ribeiro (6.00), who lost the opening heat to Japanese Kano Igarashi and Hawaii Seth Moniz. The other seven representatives of the country who have already entered the water are eligible for the second phase.

Philip Toledo won the Heat (11.50) with Peterson in the second (10.10), so Australian Connor O’Leary ended up going into the repechage. Then, it was Jadson André’s turn to finish second when he made it (7.83) and also advance – South Africa’s Jordan Smith finished first.

In this sequence, Italo Ferreira fell into the water. Potigur made a good first wave and headed into the second, finishing first with Australian Jacob Wilcox in the heat with 13.76.

Two Brazilians appeared in the water in the sixth summer: Gabriel Medina, the leader of the rankings, and Adriano de Souza, who advanced to first and second places, achieving 13.93 and 10.07 respectively. With that, the Australian Cyrus Cox moved to Repechage.

Miguel Pupo played the tenth heat against Portuguese Frederick Morris and Australian Julian Wilson. Second-placed Brazilian surfer finished with 11.60, trailing Australia’s competitor. In this way, the surfer of Portugal will have to dispute the recapitalization. Brazilian Divid Silva, Yago Dora and Cao Ibeli are competing this Sunday in search of a place among the 32 best people.

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Significantly, two-time champions in Margaret River and two-time champions in the battle, Madina and Italo’s main rival John John Florence, were also guaranteed a place in the top 32. Hawaiian competed in the first 10 of the championships, round 1 with a tube in the ‘main break’ and 17.50 in the draw.

In female, Massey Callaghan opened the count with a fine note: 6.17. Tati was successful in catching her first wave with a battery life of around 15 minutes. Brazil took a very heavy sigh with two tears, and did not go very well, without being able to complete the third, 3.77.

But he reacted and soon took the lead after hitting two maneuvers on his second wave and pulling 7.67 out of the judges. With peace of mind, he was guaranteed in the competition octave.

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