Serpro discusses digital public infrastructure in India

Serpro discusses digital public infrastructure in India

A delegation from the Brazilian government was in Bangalore, India, to exchange knowledge on digital public infrastructure (DPI). The delegation, led by the Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services (MGI), included representatives from Serpro and the Ministry of Education, as well as other institutions. Bangalore is known as the “Silicon Valley” of the Global South.

The meeting observed that Brazilian policies such as Bolsa Família and PIX inspired the Indian initiative. “On the first day, we had a more conceptual and theoretical agenda about how to build digital public infrastructure, India’s experience and its workings,” explained Arthur Fish, Special Adviser to the Presidency of Serpro, who participated in the mission. In the following days, there were presentations of Indian practical cases and Brazilian projects, such as And this Rural Environmental Registry,

On the last day, the Brazilian team presented the results of the discussions and the lessons learned from the week. “The whole project doesn’t end here. We also have two people from Serpro in India discussing more technical issues, delving deeper into the architecture and development of Indian solutions”, the consultant explained. “The idea is to create a global system of collaboration so that not just India and Brazil, but more countries can expand the adoption of digital solutions for larger populations,” Arthur concluded.

India’s population is at least six times that of Brazil

With 1.4 billion inhabitants, India faces challenges that demand scalability and continuous innovation. The “Digital India” program exemplifies these efforts that promote a digitally empowered society. Guilherme Almeida, MGI’s program director, highlighted the importance of international cooperation. “Through digital government and digital public infrastructure, we want to solve continental social problems such as inequalities and hunger, promoting inclusive and sustainable growth in our countries,” he declared.

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The delegation received by three organizations – EkStep Foundation, Center for Open Society Systems (COSS) and International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IITB) also exchanged experiences between and. InitiationAn Indian content sharing solution for schools, among other products and solutions.

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