Microsoft admits it has made failures in managing Lionhead Studios •

Microsoft admits it has made failures in managing Lionhead Studios •

Now work to not repeat the same mistakes.

Microsoft admitted that the closure of Lionhead Studio was one of its biggest failures.

Via IGN, in the sixth part of “Power On: The Story of Xbox”, a documentary about the best and worst moments of the Xbox brand, several prominent figures lead to the purchase of one of the largest studios in the United and eventually Talk about closing. Empire.

Lionhead was founded in 1997 by Peter Molyneux, Mark Weebly, Tim Rains, and Steve Jackson, was bought by Xbox in 2006 and spun off in 2016, as you probably still remember. Lionhead’s main objective was not to make up for the mistake of Bullfrog, Molyneux’s former company, which had become too large and unfocused.

Shannon Loftis, general manager of global video game launches at Xbox at the time Lionhead went out of business, commented that “one of the biggest flaws we’ve learned in the past was Lionhead.”

“I wish Lionhead was still a viable studio.”

“We bought Lionhead in 2006 and it closed in 2016,” said Sarah Bond, who is responsible for the game creator experience and ecosystem at Xbox. “A few years later we reflected on this experience. What did we learn and how not to make the same mistakes?”

Phil Spencer continued, “You buy a studio for who you are today and it’s our job to help them accelerate what they do, not accelerate what they do.”

Fable, one of the biggest names when you think of Lionhead, has been resurrected and received worldwide recognition by Forza Horizon at the hands of the iconic studio, Playground Games, the Xbox series and a reboot on PC. Will happen.

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