Microsoft is working on Xbox “unexpected” new hardware, according to an insider

According to a new rumor, Microsoft will be working on Xbox One New Hardware That Will Be “Unexpected”So maybe something other than a console or a device specifically dedicated to video games.

this is the general report “Special Nick” Baker, now a fixture among gaming rumours, is often the source of rumours, which, however, has also been proven correct in the past. So, although it is not a completely reliable source, it can be taken into account given above, but we need to be very careful.

During the new edition of the podcast xbox eraNick said “The Xbox has some hardware they want to show off, but it’s in a different area than people expected.”, All this may suggest the famous dongle or Stick (pendrive) for Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud which Microsoft has been planning for some time according to various rumors.

The idea is that Microsoft intends to launch a device in style amazon fire stick Can be easily applied to any display, which is able to connect xbox cloud and thus allow the use of games from the catalog Xbox Game Pass on Cloud Gaming Anywhere without going through console, PC, smartphone or tablet.

Microsoft mentioned this issue a while back when it talked about integrating Xbox Game Pass into TVs, though it’s not certain if it actually intends to launch a low-cost device that will launch on its own. Might represent some sort of competition for the K console. However, we have long seen that the approach of the Redmond company is now different from that of a typical console maker, which aims to expand the user base of its ecosystem, so the idea is absurd, let’s see what it will give.

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