NASA promises exciting Hubble Telescope discovery in the coming days

NASA promises exciting Hubble Telescope discovery in the coming days

Based on new observations from the Hubble Space Telescope, NASA promises to unveil a discovery next week that promises to broaden our understanding of the universe. Not only that, but the novelty will also open up a new area of ​​research for other space telescopes, including Hubble and the new one. James Webb,

For the time being, NASA has kept this discovery a secret, but according to the website LocationIn addition to the potential to be in the record books, the novelty received certain adjectives such as “exciting” and “exciting”.

Since Hubble has a wide field of study – from exoplanets to galaxies – it is difficult to predict what this discovery will entail. So we have to wait for the official announcement from NASA till next Wednesday (30).

Hubble: 32 Years of History

This March, Hubble’s Advanced Research Camera (ACS) completed 20 years in operation since it was installed on the space telescope by astronauts aboard the space shuttle Columbia in 2002.

With this instrument, Hubble was able to create more than 125,000 photos, including the deepest images ever taken of the universe, showing what it looked like about 435 million years after the Big Bang and of the first objects that formed in the universe. was revealing.

On April 24, Hubble will celebrate its 32nd anniversary in space, solidifying itself as one of the most famous and successful instruments in the history of modern astronomy. Although the space telescope has been without a maintenance team for nearly 13 years, and has suffered Series of defects in recent yearsNASA still hopes to make new discoveries with Hubble At least until June 30, 2026,

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