Patch 1.04 bug frustrates Melania and players

Patch 1.04 bug frustrates Melania and players

most recent update of elden ring, responsible for improving the player’s damage and balancing spell use, appears to have greatly helped progress. However, an unexpected adjustment was reported on social media, and the fight against Malenia seems to have gotten more complicated, with its buggy self-healing feature.

redditor. After the situation on the web affected Demonboy995 Share a video on your profile that contains scenes from Mikaela’s fight against the sword. In the images, it’s possible to see that the boss’s HP regenerates without hitting the taint when the villain uses his long blade dance combo. see below:

melania is recovering without actually killing the player after the patch this is on ps5 i got called 8 times after the patch and it happened every time this is the most recent one from Elderning

According to the player, each time his character was summoned, the matter was repeated over and over again. PS5 After patch 1.04 is released. Until now, from software did not comment on a possible correction, but suggests the presence of an apparent inconsistency in the video frame where Melania “understands” that she has struck her torment, even though it does not affect the hitbox or cause direct damage. .

Learn more about the new Elden Ring update

Released last Tuesday (19), Elden Ring patch 1.04 brought some features, such as increased attack stats for all weapons, and improvements to spells and magic. In addition, he expanded the NPC patch quest and brought more events to the Midlands. click here to find out more.

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