Pelotas Receives The Feet Of Brazilian Footgolf | Play

Pelotas Receives The Feet Of Brazilian Footgolf |  Play

Club Campestre is set to host the event (Photo: Divulgao – DP)

There will be a lot of footgolf at Pelotus over the weekend. Between Saturday and Sunday, the city hosts stages 7, 8 and 9 of the Brazilian Championship at Club Campestre. Of the nearly 100 athletes involved in the controversy, about 15 are from Pelotas, including the current leader of the competition, Humberto Bertoldi. Representatives from other South American countries like Chile and Paraguay will also be present.

Presenting a preview of the event, this Friday, DP Sports, which aired on Dario Popular’s digital platform, had another Pelotas competitor, Humberto, as a guest in addition to Ottavio Lima. While participating in a conversation about the sport, it was possible to notice the arrival of the athletes to recognize the area.

“A sport that is developing. Not in the proportion I expected. The pandemic allowed growth in Pelotas. Whenever possible, we have a class of about 20 athletes every Monday and weekend. Whatever comes. He likes it. We expect it to grow more and more”, says Humberto about his involvement in football.

open air as an ally

After the outbreak of the pandemic, almost all sports were made impossible due to health safety reasons. But outdoor football is different in this respect. And it was a sign for many football lovers to kill the craving for contact with the ball.

“Since footgolf is considered personal, we can practice it during the pandemic. So outside we can play”, explains Ottavio, recounting his experience since he debuted in the game last year.

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To practice simple football. The name certainly resembles golf. An official dress for the tournament is: beret or bon, polo shirt, sports shorts (or shorts for women), socks and futsal or society shoes. I need to get the ball too. Whoever manages to send the round to the 18th hole with the fewest shots wins. About half of these efforts require full force.

“It is a game with a lot of concentration and strategy. Whoever has the fewest shots is considered the champion. The best of the sum of the three steps is considered the champion of Pelotus. Points are being added towards the definition of a national champion in Foz do Iguau (the final stage of the season, in November). The championship is so close, I won two stages in Santa Catarina (Itapema) and took the lead. The aim is to be one of the first to be guaranteed a place in the next World Cup, which will be held in Orlando in the United States”, says Humberto.

For those who wish to get started on the way, contact Humberto by cell phone (53) 98128-9091. Meetings are held every Monday at Club Campestre (Avenida Tres de Maio, No. 1017, Jardim América, Capo do Leo), and a good reception is guaranteed.

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