Queensland state government in Australia bans organ transplantation in unvaccinated patients

Queensland state government in Australia bans organ transplantation in unvaccinated patients

By Angelica Ca and Paulo Enias
The Queensland state government in Australia announced this week that it would refuse organ transplants to unvaccinated patients. The measure could put the lives of countless people in that Australian state at risk if they needed a transplant to save their lives.

The state government’s official health agency, Queensland Health, released a proposal this week stipulating that organ transplant recipients must meet the requirement to receive at least two doses of the coronavirus vaccine before a surgical kidney transplant procedure. lungs or heart.

Patients who choose not to take the coronavirus vaccine will have to wait until the requirement is over before undergoing their respective surgical procedures. The measure requiring vaccination for transplant will be reviewed only in February of next year.

A total of 2,108 people in Queensland have tested positive for the coronavirus and have recovered, according to official local government figures, according to the Department of Health. Since the start of the pandemic, a total of seven people have died of COVID-19 in that Australian state. Source: life news , news week , 7news,

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