Albon becomes a hero in Australia at a moment when only the courageous is capable of rewarding Williams – Formula 1 news

Albon becomes a hero in Australia at a moment when only the courageous is capable of rewarding Williams - Formula 1 news
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It is very difficult to explain how 10th place deserves so much attention and praise, but Alexander Albon’s achievement at the Australian GP is worthy of praise. Despite having the worst car on the grid, the Anglo-Thai provided yet another example of his talent and resilience as he led Williams to the points in Melbourne. It shouldn’t happen more often, but it’s precisely on the basis of courage that Grove’s team will achieve something.

Practically all the moves Williams has taken to get out of the back of the grid in 2021 have been undone. The car doesn’t seem any closer to the top 10 than it was at the end of last year, and the departure of George Russell Benchmark has had an impact on the team. Albon is a good pilot, but he’s not elite, and adapting to a new context requires a lot of patience.

And on the other side of the garage, any chances of a move are completely stopped by Nicholas Latifi. There’s no way: He’s always been a driver who doesn’t have enough quality to belong to the grid. formula 1, so much so that when faced with cars more difficult to drive, it will crash constantly, as has happened. More damage for Williams who doesn’t have that much growth potential.

Albert Park hero Alexander Albon (Photo: Williams)

And that’s exactly the element that can help the team survive and stop flirting with last place: Daredevil. In Melbourne, Albon ran 57 laps on the same tyre, performing only the mandatory pit-stop to avoid disqualification in the final round of the race, and benefiting from the lack of opportunism of several opponents during the race, he scored a heroic 10. Won th place. , the first team point since the Russian GP in 2021.

If Williams had a similar strategy as all the other teams, it is quite possible that Albon would not have come close to scoring. Likewise, if the last stop doesn’t work, it won’t be that much of a reason to criticize. The team is very poor, and things outside the home like the situation in Australia can only bring in the points.

Alex is the ideal pilot for this mission. Since his Toro Rosso days, he has shown himself to be very capable when it comes to recovering and getting through difficult situations. How Can You Forget When You Destroyed Your Car In Free Practice And Got Your First Point F1 in China? And when did he debut while collecting a penalty for Red Bull and finish fifth?

The glow in Albert Park is an opportune moment for a pilot who’s still young and who didn’t deserve a 2021 fridge formula 1, despite the bad circumstances that kept him there. It is with Albon that Williams has minimal chances to smile at a few moments in 2022.

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