Steve Jobs discontinued his iPhone for just one reason – and why you should do it – small business big business

Steve Jobs discontinued his iPhone for just one reason – and why you should do it – small business big business

Steve Jobs during the first iPhone presentation (Photo: Youtube reproduction)

A new book written by a former assistant Steve JobsNaz Beheshti Reveals Some Pre-Known Secrets or Information About Former CEOs Apple. One is that he almost never got away from himself Iphone. The book is paused. Take a breath. Choose: Do not become the CEO of your well-being (no Portuguese version).

Think about it in a world Universal epidemic, In which digital has become practically the only window to many people’s worlds, this should not be surprising. Certainly the reader should already analyze at the disadvantage of additional connectivity.

According to the book, Jobs created an uproar when he entered the office of former design chief Johnny Ivey in Apple. In this space, some of the most iconic technological devices of the last twenty years have appeared.

“When Ivy’s team was working on everything, it would turn off the iPhone,” says Beheshi. book. “At some point, we had to call Johnny’s office and ask for his help to get Steve out of his break. Over his time Johnny gave him space and a new sense of freedom to laugh, imagine, create And given the opportunity to feel. “

Portal columnist jason aton He comments The most effective way to foster creativity is to make “play” time – something that we always recommend to children, but that we forget to keep with the times. In adulthood, there is always something to do and any moment of leisure can be seen as something non-productive.

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But in addition to the next mental oxygen, Aton remarks that the act of hanging up the phone in the presence of another person, be it your team or your family, is one of the biggest gestures of respect nowadays. It indicates that nothing in the outside world can be as important as that moment.

Aton also says that the act of hanging up the phone is a way to regenerate the brain to live in an offline world, and that someone bites someone for a few minutes, without checking for notifications every 90 seconds It is okay to be given

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