Tokyo 2020: Team Brazil takes 6th place in equestrian jumping – SPORTS

Tokyo 2020: Team Brazil takes 6th place in equestrian jumping - SPORTS

The Brazilian equestrian team finished sixth in the jumping show Tokyo GamesThe dream of winning a medal has been postponed to Paris 2024, this Saturday (7), and after bronze in Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000. Team formed by Marlon Zanotelli riding Edgar M; Yuri Mansur, mounted on Alphonse; and Pedro Venis, with his horse Quabri de l’Isle, lost 29 points and made a time of 244s01.

Sweden got gold, America got silver and Belgium got bronze.

The first Brazilian to take the course was Marlon Zanotelli. The team made three fouls while clearing the barriers, losing 12 points, but completed the circuit in 79s62 within the time limit of 82 seconds.

At the end of the first pass, only the teams from the United States and Sweden had zeroed, i.e. they had made no mistakes, and went before the other teams. At that time Brazil was in seventh place.

In the second pass, Yuri Mansour, mounted on Alphonse, did the better, committed a foul, lost 4 points and nearly finished the course in 81s14. Knight replaced Rodrigo Pessoa. Yuri’s horse was in better condition than Pesoa’s.

At the end of the intermediate stage, France lost only 2 points, followed by Sweden, the United States and Belgium.

After a 20-minute break, the teams returned for the final pass and Pedro Venice did not make a good lap with the Quabri de l’Ile. The set broke three barriers, breaking time, and the Brazilian team lost 29 points overall. Brazil was sixth with the withdrawal of Germany and the United Kingdom in the final round.

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France could also be fouling to take the gold, with Penélope Leprevost and Vancouver de Lanlore set for a second consecutive gold at the Olympics. In addition to eliminating one handicap, he had two disclaimers and dropped out of the race. With this Belgium inherited the bronze medal.

The title dispute went into a tie-breaker with Sweden and the United States reorganizing the circuit with a break, 7 hurdles and a 44-second time limit. The Swedish sets were fast and won the gold medal. America repeated the exploits of Rio 2016 to win the silver medal.

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