10 road trip itinerary in US within 15 days International destination

10 road trip itinerary in US within 15 days  International destination
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See 10 routes in the United States to take the road of dreams

A road trip through the United States seems like something that is only possible in movies, but the truth is that car trips are very common across the country. They are ideal for building a car, motorcycle or even a motorhome – IG Turismo has already explained how motorhome rentals work.

Parts of road travel routes pass through lakes-filled areas, national parks, and attractions on the coast. With a stopover in Las Vegas it is also possible to pass through iconic country settings such as the Nevada desert.

Thinking about it, Brazilian tourist vehicle rental player Mobility made a list with the 10 best routes to do a roadtrip in the United States. The agency states that trips can last 3 to 15 days or can be made by those who wish to extend the season.

10- Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Located in the state of Wyoming, this section is ideal for tourists who want to get to know Yellowstone National Park. There, you can see the Teton Mountains, which are recognized for their pointed peaks and different sizes, and receive trips from bison, eagles, moose and coyotes. The site’s biodiversity and clear water lakes are also impressive

It is recommended that tourists prepare 3 days to travel and can visit the park with peace of mind. If you have less time than this, it is possible to enjoy the main part of the park and do other tours, such as trails, hiking, canoeing, climbing and fishing.

Outside Yellowstone National Park, there is a small village with some shops, restaurants and even a ski resort called Jackson. There is also an airport where you can go to Salt Lake City, Utah, or Idaho Falls, Idaho. It is also possible to rent a car to get close to the Teton Range.

9-Zion National Park, Utah

It is one of the most visited places in the United States. Zion National Park is in the form of a cliff, with narrow and challenging trails called Angels Landing. The area of ​​the park known as The Nairo is one of the most famous and most sought after, and is the narrowest place in the Zion Valley, where you can see the Virgin River.

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In addition to walking trails, which are the most difficult in the United States, you can also ride, climb, bike, and boat; Apart from being an ideal place for bird watching. It is recommended that tourists stay between 4 to 5 days in the place. To get to know this park, accommodation can be in Salt Lake City or Las Vegas.

8- Oregon Coast Highway, Oregon

Oregon Coast is on the shores of the Pacific Ocean
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Oregon Coast is on the shores of the Pacific Ocean

The Oregon Coast Highway is over 580 kilometers long and is on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, guaranteeing a view of the stunning ocean landscape. Throughout the region, it is easy to explore villages, beaches, mountains and forests.

The stretch with the best route options is Highway 101, where small towns are located, such as Seaside, and Cannon Beach, one of the state’s most famous beaches. It is there that Haystack Rock is located, which is 70 meters above the water. To enjoy the area, schedule up to a week for this stretch. It is possible to rent a car on Highway 101 at Portland Airport.

7- Lake Powell, Utah and Arizona border

How to visit an artificial reservoir on the Colorado River with clear water, sandstone rocks and very white sand? This is why you will find Lake Powell in the city of Page, which receives about 2 million people every year. The location is perfect for those who enjoy canoeing, kayaking and fishing. The lake area also offers a breathtaking view of the starry sky.

Nearby areas are home to other interesting places to visit, such as Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, where the Colorado River recedes and encircles vast reefs. Reserve about 3 days to fully enjoy the location. To get there, rent a car at Page Airport or Flagstaff Pulliam Airport.

6- Badlands National Park, Dakota Doo

The national park offers an opportunity to observe various colorful rock peaks and wildlife. It is possible to meet bison, bjorn sheep, antelope and prairie dogs. It is also possible to travel to ancient fossil lands, rocks and praises.

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The park covers more than 100 thousand hectares and travels by car, bicycle and walking. There are scattered traces around the site that complete all levels of difficulty; As well as an astronomy festival that takes place every year and a fossil preparation laboratory.

If he wants to see the entire park, then the tourist has to book for two days. You can get there from Rapid City Airport and go to the park by car. The journey takes about an hour. Badland National Park is also accessible from Sioux Falls and Pierre airports.

How many days and how to reach: To experience the park, a full two days are recommended, although it is also possible to travel to Badland National Park with a shorter time. The simplest access option is to get off at Rapid City Airport and drive for about an hour to the park; It is also possible to reach airports in the cities of Sioux Falls and Pierre.

5- Arches National Park, Utah

The park is the world’s main park for collecting natural sandstone arches. In this section, the best thing is to leave the car aside and spend good hours walking. There are trails that take minutes and others that last up to 5 hours. More adventurous travelers can enjoy climbing or abseiling in the canyon, horse riding or cycling.

The climate of the region is suitable for visiting any climatic climate. At night, the sky is very dark and makes it possible to observe the stars. It is desirable that the tourist take two days to enjoy the place. The arch is accessible from the National Park Grand Junction Airport and Durango-La Plata.

4- Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Crater Lake National Park joins the gorge, two islands and a blue water lake. Crater Lake, named Park, lies within an extinct volcano and is the deepest in the country.

By car, it is possible to bend the road from the side. Path Instagram is full of visuals and breathtaking images. Tourists can also venture on boat trips, trams and trails in the jungle. The ideal place to visit is to set aside three days. It is possible to rent a car from Eugene, Portland and Medford-Rogue Valley airports.

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3- Las Vegas, Nevada

This destination is known all over the world for its magnificent and iconic aura. The city, situated in the middle of the Nevada desert, has incredible hotels and numerous casinos, but it also has a thrill for those who enjoy exposure to nature and wildlife. This is because the site has several rock formations, in Fire State Park, Lake Rock, and lakes for sports practice in national conservation areas, as in Red Rock Canyon.

If you want to do both routes, it is recommended that there be five days of stay. It is possible to arrive at Las Vegas airport and rent a car, but you can also travel starting from Los Angeles. So you can enjoy the west coast air and get on the Nevada desert road.

2- Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Bryce Canyon National Park is known for a vast concentration of hoodos, known in Brazil as Chaminas de Fada, which are rocky columns of various shapes and colors. Here, it is possible to see the large whites that make up the landscape of the place.

The national park has trails that last for one to two hours, but it is possible to explore by car and even on horseback to enjoy the photogenic landscape. Apart from these activities, the park hosts one geology and one astronomy festival every year.

One day may be enough to get to know the entire park, if the traveler does not want to do long-term trails. It is possible to rent a car from Las Vegas Airport or Cedar City.

1- Big Sur and California Coast, California

One of the most wanted and famous road trips in the United States, the route from the California coast is built by Highway 1, which runs from north to south of the coast. Big Sur is one of the most beautiful sections of this route: it has 70 km of steep ridges, sharp rocks and paradiseal beaches.

Landscapes are the main attraction of this itinerary, but cities can add much to the journey with it. San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica and San Francisco, it is possible to visit places where there are beaches for all tastes, piers and restaurants.

To be able to comply with all this routes, the tourist can make a booking from 10 to 15 days journey. It is common for travelers who want to rent a car at Los Angeles Airport and drive along the coast.

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