11 Year Old Boy Stole R$93,000 From His Parents’ Vault And Divided It To Classmates – Revista Crescer | education

11 Year Old Boy Stole R,000 From His Parents’ Vault And Divided It To Classmates – Revista Crescer |  education

News An 11-year-old boy in Class 7 at Epping Boys School in South Wales, Australia, allegedly stole his parents’ safe to share with his peers. Overall, according to daily mailThe boy deducted the equivalent of R$ 93 thousand, which would be used to finance his higher education.

+ 7 year old boy spends more than R$9 thousand in an hour mobile game

The incident took place at a school in Australia (Photo: Reproduction/Daily Mail)

The boy’s parents learned what had happened only after receiving a letter from the school informing them that he had gifted extravagant items such as computers and game vouchers to other students. Some collaborators only received money as much as US$500. According to the parents of the students who did not want to be identified, the boy spent approximately R $ 50 thousand in Fortnite in-game coins.

“A coworker came up to me and showed him that he had received $150. And he doesn’t even know it!” A colleague said. “Another kid in eighth grade won $500,” he said.

Some children returned gifts and money at the request of their parents, to whom the school reported the incident. According to the newspaper, the entire community was in shock. The boy’s parents did not comment, but, according to daily mailDevastated when they find out what happened to their savings.

Another student said that three police officers were present in the school. Officials probing the incident asked the children to return the money.

The school board also reported that it gathered all the students to talk about what happened.

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