13 year old learns 17 programming languages ​​and breaks record

13 year old learns 17 programming languages ​​and breaks record

India is definitely a country that attracts a lot of attention for its potential for creation and development in India. technology, Hence, more and more big companies invest in young talent in the country, and motivate many students to focus on this field. As a result, many miracles are visible even in basic education.

An example is Arnab Shivaram, a teenager who studied 17. learned programming languages, This case pertains to the city of Coimbatore, which is in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

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Arnav will be recorded in Guinness Book

The feat of the young man also managed to attract a lot of attention in the international news, as it is something unprecedented. Until then, there is no other record of someone being able to understand and interpret such a quantity of programming languages ​​at such a young age. In the testimony, Arnav guarantees that he started studying languages ​​like Python and Java long ago, when he was still in fourth grade, and was only nine years old.

Over time, he managed to get acquainted with the system and was already developing studies in these areas, even though his school did not have the programmed material. Apart from the mentioned two languages, he has also mastered C++ and Dart. These are rare programs and the number of specialists around the world is small. Obviously, the Indian teenager must have recorded his achievement in the Guinness Book, which marks achievements and world records.

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future in programming

Although he is very young, Arnav is already planning to foray into the world of programming, but with an emphasis on developing autonomous systems for cars in India. It may sound like a very ambitious plan, but with a career starting like this, the teenager has everything to go far. In an interview, he showed interest in the use of artificial intelligence capable of making autopilot with little investment.

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