2020: State of Origin, Queensland Maroon, One-Game Wonders

There are 213 Queenslanders in State Orig Region football and 26 of them – a target of more than 12 per cent – have entered the Rugby League’s holiest place only once.

The reasons are many but for the most part, it was eventually boiled down to an unfortunate, bad time or a bad day at the office.

However, these are not all bad luck stories and what can happen. This Rugby League Immortal, ” 2 Invincibles, Multiple Daily M Rookie and Team of the Year Honors, Premiership winners and Kangaroos are some of the greats of the game.

A large portion of the donors are athletes whose representatives rejoined in the early eighties – including 13 in the 1980 State Origin clash at Lung Park, in which Queensland won 20-10. Won.

Great Highlights: Maroon Blue

There are now 78 players (52 from NSW) across NSW and Queensland. That number was 84 after the Origin Eye of 2020, but the hosts made their second appearance at the ANZ Stadium on Wednesday night.

Of Queensland’s 213 Original raps alone, 26 and 52 of 293 participate in the Blazers – a fact that will delight the hearts of those who lose their maroon glass when further evidence that the Queenslanders originated Occurs.

With that in mind, NRL.com has emerged with teams of two players who have an original look to their name.

When selecting teams, when a tie-breaker was necessary, we selected the player who had a better overall performance than the player with the most impressive overall career.

John Lang is playing for Queensland.
John Lang is playing for Queensland.
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In the lead up to Brisbane’s Origin match in 2020, NRL.com will look to a one-gamer Maroon team. Check out last week’s story for the Blues One-Gamers lineup.

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Queensland Maroon

One-timers team: 1. Greg Holben, 2. Terry Butler, 3. Graham Quinn, 4. Adrian Swarn, 5. Bruce Steele, 6. Corey Norman, 7. Greg Oliphant, 8. Arthur Beatson (C), 9. John Lang, 10. Danny Knutley, 11. Rod Reddy, 12. Ethan Lowe, 13. Scott Staller. Exchange: 14. David Stagg, 15. Scott Trunk, 16. Bruce Walker, 17. Owen Cunningham.

There are very few big names with a very small pool of players to join the Maroons team – a loss that shows itself most clearly in the backline.

At fullback we have Greg Holben (11-7 Game 2 wins in 1982). Utility back and goal-kicker Holben played for the Easts and Brothers in the Brisbane competition, winning the last minute in the glorious 1978 final.

Vinam Winger, Terry Butler (10-6 Game 2 defeat in 1983) are on the wing, who went on to play four try-less games for the North Sydney Bears in 1986, and Bruce Steele (43-22 games in 198-23). 3 wins in), whose original story makes for a great trivia question.

Full Match Replay: Maroons B Blues - Game 2, 1982

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Estelle is No. 15 of Queensland Origin, as he was selected as a reserve in the opening match but neither he nor fellow reserve Norman Kerr came on the field. Kerr went on to play three games, but Estelle’s only official performance came in ’83.

At the center are Graham Quinn (who lined up with Holben in Game 2, 1982), one of Bath’s Babes and two-time Premiership winner for the Dragons, and Adrian Vows (14-0 in 1994 in Game 2) who played for Scotland. Three Tests and the opening game of North Queensland’s Ka Bo Bues were dispatched.

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The No. 6 jersey is lined Dragon playmaker Corey Norman (26-20 Game 3 defeat in 2019).

Danny Nutley in his line Origin show.
Danny Nutley in his line Origin show.
NRL Photos

In the middle, his partner is 1980-year-old Greg Oliphant, a great opponent of Blues One-Gamers captain Tommy Radonikis, who played two Tests and two seasons with the Balmain Tigers in Sydney.

The first Queenslander on the team sheet, and captain of the Maroons One-Gamers, is the man responsible for the birth of Origin’s anti-fellow breeder – Arthur Beatson.

Rugby League Amarotal Beatson played 17 times for NSW and was in the last season of the club’s career, starting with Balmain in 1966 when he set the 1980 ODI on the jaws of Ellis teammate Mick Cronin. Did. .

Joining him in the front row is Hooker John Lang, another 1980 native who appeared in eight Tests and played a first-class season with Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs that year, and Dan Nitley (2005). 32-10 games in 3 defeats).

Journeyman Nutley played 152 games for the Cruisers, Sharks and Rosters but this was his only representative appearance.

The first to be selected in the back row is Rod Reddy, the real “rocket” of 1980, whose combination of superior skill and unparalleled brutality in the ’70s won the ’82 unbeaten 17 Tests and led him to 237 first-class games for the Dragons and Steelers. Maintained.

He is disappointed with recently retired Ethan Lowe (26-20 Game 3 defeat, 2019), who hit fours in his lone representative performance and 143 first-class injuries to North Queensland and South Sydney after suffering a neck injury. His career ended with a performance.

Scrum Lock is the great final hero of 2003, Scott Settler (27-4 Game 2 defeat, 2003) – a 203-game passenger seagulls, rosters, cruisers, Panthers and Tigers – with his only Maroon jumper added to the Todd Byron cover. Connects Compete in two of the biggest games at Stadium Australia that year.

The first bench player is David Stagg (17-16 Game 1 defeat, 2006), who was the Daily M Lock of the Year 2009 and came out 206 times for the Broncos and Rosters.

Then we have Scott Trunk (26-18 Game 1 win, 1988), who played 92 games between 1987 and 1994 for the Magpies, the Broncos, the Bulldogs and the Rabitohs; Bruce Walker (20-16 Game 2 defeat in 1982), a great back-rover, whose 1978 premiere win was the highlight of his 226-game career with North Sydney and Manley

The man in the jersey is 17-year-old C. Eagles forward Owen Cunningham (15-14 Game 3 defeat, 1996), another passenger who has been featured in three Super Leagues for Queensland in his 15-year, 275-game first-grade career. .

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