25 New Marathons Set for the Weekend

25 New Marathons Set for the Weekend

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This week’s series release includes a number of new features, but also classic attractions like “Seinfeld” and “The Office” (British and US versions), which are complete for streaming.

While it may go unnoticed at first glance, the big highlight is the drama miniseries “Made,” which should land Margaret Qualley (“The Leftovers”) at the Emmys 2022 for a heart-wrenching performance. Inspired by Stephanie Land’s bestselling autobiography, ‘Coping: Hard Work, Low Salary and the Duty of a Solo Mother’, the plot revolves around a single mother (Qualley) who runs away from her abusive husband with her young daughter. She goes. To get it, you need to learn. Working as a cleaner, without a roof or money. There are four episodes that look like a movie – directed by filmmaker John Wells (“Family Album”) and co-produced by actress Margot Robbie – who worked with Qualy on ‘Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood’ Was.

Fans of American productions still have the latest season from “Grey’s Anatomy” to marathon. And they’re at risk of becoming addicted to “Solar Opposites,” a fun animated series from “Rick and Morty” co-creator Justin Roiland about an alien family who survive the explosion of their world and refugees in the American suburbs. live as. .

But what really garners attention among the various titles is HBO Max’s initiative to occupy a special niche for Netflix with several offerings of non-English language productions. There is, of course, the Brazilian miniseries “O Hosped Americano” directed by Bruno Barreto (“O Que Isso, Companheiro”), about the campaign of former US President Theodore Roosevelt (Aidan Quinn, from “Elementary”) by the Amazon region. In the early 20th century, with military explorer Candido Rondon (Chico Diaz, from ‘The Jaguar Man’), but also the tense French thriller ‘Laetitia’, the hard-core German miniseries ‘We, the Children of the Zoo’, Which is based on a romantic walk through the cult book ‘Christian F’, the Mexican terrier ‘Los Espuquis’ and even 1980s Italian fashion, ‘Made in Italy’ among other productions.

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There are a total of 25 premiere nominations to watch on the digital platform this weekend. Check out the tips below (with trailers).

‘maid’ | USA | 1 season

American Guest | Brazil | 1 season

‘Laetitia’ | France | 1 season

‘The Chestnut Man’ | Denmark | 1 season

‘Dignity Colony: A Nazi Sect in Chile’ | Germany, Chile | 1 season

‘We Children of the Zoo Station’ | Germany | 1 season

‘For – We Are King’ | Germany | session 1

‘Made in Italy’ | Italy | session 1

‘disintegrated’ | Brazil | session 1

‘The Espookies’ | Mexico | first season

‘Oats Studios’ | Canada | session 1

‘Polar opposite | USA | session 1

‘Love 101’ | Turkey | 2ª Weather

‘Why Women Kill’ | USA | season 2

‘Mayans MC’ | USA | season 3

‘Black Monday’ | USA | season 3

‘In the Long Run’ | United Kingdom | 3ª Weather

‘Veronica Mars’ | USA | season 4

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ | USA | Season 17

‘The Exit’ | Norway | 2 seasons

‘The Affair’ | USA | 5 seasons

‘The Office’ | United Kingdom | 2 seasons

‘The Office’ | USA | 9 seasons

‘Seinfeld’ | USA | 9 seasons

‘Modern Family’ | USA | 11 Seasons

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