3 Leadership Lessons From Netflix’s ‘Don’t Look Up’ Small Business Big Business

3 Leadership Lessons From Netflix's 'Don't Look Up' Small Business Big Business

one of the last great Hits The film was on streaming in 2021″don’t look up” (don’t look up), da Netflix, starring Leonardo Dicaprio, Jennifer Lawrence I Meryl Streep, Filled with real-life parallels, the satire holds some valuable lessons for science-fiction plot entrepreneurs, maybe the main thing is Leadership It is not about title or power, but about the ability to influence and engage people.

Cast in a promotional poster for the movie “Don’t Look Up” from Netflix (Photo: Disclosure)

DiCaprio plays an astronomy professor in the film Randall MindyMILF Joe, with her doctoral student Kate DiBiaski (Jennifer Lawrence), tries to warn the world about the arrival of a comet with destructive potential on Earth. They go to the President of the United States, Jenny aurelianz (Meryl Streep), who is deeply distracted by tensions within his own government.

After responding with “Let’s sit down and take it easy later”, Orlean changes his mind when he sees the Comet story’s potential to change the focus of the news that has surfaced about it in the media, including popularity. includes fall.

In an article published on the website entrepreneur, consultant Lola Salvador Akinwunami analyzes how movie Comparisons can be made to everyday life in the corporate world. Check out the key insights:

Meryl Streep plays US President Jenny Orlean in the film

Meryl Streep plays US President Jenny Orlean in ‘Don’t Look Up’

1. Removes Selfishness
The President’s decisions are paramount throughout the film, and can easily be transferred to everyday professional life. Leadership plays a big role in the success of an organization, and a selfish leader can damage the results. Because he is insecure, he thinks that criticism is an attack on his creativity and ability to innovate – which is not always true.

Selfish leaders, like the character played by Streep, are primarily concerned with how others see them. Therefore, they attract people who do not want to or do not want to challenge them. This allows them to make decisions that only benefit themselves.

2. Your sphere of influence matters
President Orlean was surrounded by a team of sycophants who did not challenge him in anything. To be a good leader, you have to surround yourself with people you trust, who inspire respect and with whom you can exchange ideas.

Planning and having a strong circle of influence is a clear sign that you are a confident business leader who doesn’t feel threatened by others. It is also a sign of humility, a successful leadership quality. Humble leaders are surrounded by committed people.

3. Greed is destructive
In the film, greed is represented when the President decides to abort a mission to fight the comet after realizing that she could benefit from it. The episode is already self-explanatory, but transferring it to the real world, we see that being driven by greed is harmful to a company, because decisions are no longer objective or based on reasonable data.

Leaders have an obligation to do what is right for themselves and others without thinking about profits. This goes for politics and business. If a leader doesn’t foster a mutually beneficial environment, it won’t take long for the company to begin to experience a decline, losing customers and shareholders.

Your leadership ability will be primarily tested by how you lead your team in times of crisis. Would you encourage them to “look up”?

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