4 Lessons the Era of Technology Has Taught Us

Tech has integrated into many people’s lives, so it’s important to be aware of what it’s taught us, positive or negative. We’ve collected our thoughts about the lessons technology has given us, at least those who have access to it and use it every day.

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Now, if you’ve already taken care of your assignments, let’s go through the lessons of the technology era. 

Convenience Is Served Through a WiFi Signal

The new era has provided many societies on our globe with the gift of convenience. Our laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and other portable devices serve to make our daily lives easier.

And what’s more convenient than the Internet? The era has ushered convenience at our fingertips, and the interweb can be a powerful tool if used in all the right ways. However, the Internet can also be extremely distracting to those who aren’t so self-disciplined.

Whatever the case, we’re learning that the technologies that this millennium has brought influence people differently. We have to consider how we will use it in our daily lives and not succumb to addiction. The Internet is a tool. 

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We Can Learn Actively 

This topic is not black-and-white, and we encourage our readers not to make extreme assumptions since it’s not easy to quantify certain things. However, it’s safe to say that learning with the Internet, especially for people who prefer online education, can be a more active process. In traditional school etiquette, before the ushering of modernity, students had to stay in class and listen to their professors.

With the Internet, people can learn on their own with prepared educational courses that are available at any given point for them. Many artists, music producers, animators, programmers, and other professionals have learned their craft through online courses. It’s becoming the norm. 

Our challenge right now is to encourage the youth and the general public to learn on their own. One sad thing is that traditional school has made the older generations reliant on a teacher to push them to study. We have to make sure the new generation enjoys learning and takes the initiative in getting new knowledge. 

Becoming independent and using the Internet for research is a great way to boost one’s motivation to study. However, it’s not such an easy task since people have to overcome distractions and find quality courses in the pool of contradictory information.

There’s Money to Be Made Online

The Internet is vast, and even if we credit it for our progress, it’s the people who make it valuable. There are so many ways you can make money online nowadays, and this has given many people a chance to start anew. Here are just a few examples.

  • Social media: platforms like Instagram and Tiktok are making the new generation rich. People who devote themselves to becoming influencers on Instagram, for example, can make a decent amount of money once they hit a big following. It takes time and strategy, but it’s been proven to work. Just look at how many influencers there are now.
  • eCommerce: dropshipping and eCommerce are a thing of the era. Many shops have representation online and keep attracting more clients due to their online presence. It gives them a chance to sell both online and offline. 
  • Crypto exchange and stock market: there is a growing community of traders and investors online who give out free information on how to maneuver the stock market/crypto exchange. Given that an individual has capital they can afford to invest/trade, this is a more challenging way to make money online. 
  • Remote jobs: people today enjoy the opportunity to work remotely with a flexible schedule. It gained popularity during the pandemic since many people were forced to remain online. For those who fancy being a digital nomad, there are many online jobs out there. You only need to know the right websites or build a decent online network.
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If you have the necessary skills and determination to make money online, your opportunities are limitless.

Technology Has Two Sides

Even with the excitement of finding innovative ways to use technology in this era, we must not lose touch with our humanity. For our readers who haven’t watched Black Mirror, please do. Technology brings a lot of positive outcomes, but it also has a dark side that needs serious consideration. 

Transhumanism and innovation might seem trendy and hip, but the excessive reliance on technology can ultimately prove to be the downfall of our society. We must balance the time and energy we spend focusing on our devices and our interactions with the outside world.

Too much of anything is never a good thing in the human experience, so we must be cautious about what we focus on. We can’t heavily rely on our inventions to do everything for us. Yet, we can’t be closed off to innovation and progressive thinking either. It’s about balance in the end. Balance is the key to maintaining a healthy attitude to tech developments. 

Final Thoughts

We encourage our readers to think about the ways they can use technology so that it positively impacts their daily lives. Be mindful so as not to succumb to destructive and addictive behaviors. There is a lot to learn and discover in the tech field, so keep expanding your horizons and improving your skills. Just remember to filter information and concentrate on the long-term benefits technology might bring. 

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