4 political documentaries to watch today

4 political documentaries to watch today

The documentary genre is one of the most effective in cinema when we want to tell a story from someone’s point of view or analyze a conflict in a subtle way. In many of these productions, secrets are revealed, new developments emerge, and stories open up for new discussions. therefore Orange Separated 4 documentaries “beyond” politicians for your viewing today. come with us!

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Maiden’s Tower

Susana Lira’s production won national awards such as the Rio de Janeiro Film Festival, the Brasilia Festival and the So Paulo International Film Festival. Torre das Donzelas presents the memories of a group of former political prisoners who shared a cell at Tiradentes Prison in So Paulo.

The documentary takes place 40 years after the incident and aims to record the attacks, rapes and tortures committed by these women during the period of the military dictatorship in Brazil in the 1960s and 1970s. Former president Dilma Rousseff even appears in the production.

where to look Globe Channel.

Watch Tower Of Maidens Trailer

The prison got its nickname because of the presence of female ex-prisoners.

turn the power table

The backdrop of the Netflix original production is backstage at the Ocasio-Cortez race in the Democratic Party’s Fourth District primary against the leader of the Democratic Caucus in the House, Representative Joseph Crowley. He had not been challenged in the party primary in 14 years. therefore, turn the power table Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a former waitress who has become a phenomenon in American politics, along with three other women is set to challenge the country’s traditional and conservative leaders. All are part of the Democratic Party in West Virginia.

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The idea of ​​the group and all its followers was to usher in a Congress in which 80% of the politicians were men, white and millionaires.

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Watch the Trailer for Turning the Table of Power

Shows the production stalemate and controversies that they need to live through in order to gain relevance

hacked privacy

The production follows a scandal by consulting firms Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, when more than 240 million people had their personal information hacked to create political profiles and influence the 2016 US elections. hacked privacy begins a double journey, where the case needs to be brought to justice under the data protection laws of the United States and London.

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Watch Documentary Hacked Privacy

Production exposes risks of sharing data over the Internet

Democracy in Vertigo

Oscar 2020 nominee for Best Feature-Length Documentary, Petra Costa chronicles the 2015 impeachment process of Dilma Rousseff. The production analyzes the rise and fall of former presidents Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Rousseff. Apart from indicating the polarization of the nation and the shift to the extreme right of power. The film also includes exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the ABC Metalworkers Union and the Palacio da Alvorada.

where to look Netflix.

Petra Costa discusses between personal memories and the changes of the Brazilian political landscape

Watch Democracy in Vertigo Trailer

The director discusses personal memories and the changes of the Brazilian political landscape

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