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A “trend” Momento No. We do instagram Listing 5 trivia about you and sharing in stories.

The fun started with user @mainelucena – she created a post using a “Use a Sua” sticker, which allows you to interact with a post by tapping “Reply.”

The creator of the series told G1 For those who didn’t imagine such repercussions – the stickers they created have already been used by over 1.2 million accounts.

“I did it just thinking that my friends would answer me, be curious about the stories, or find it funny. But in the end it turned into this fever”, he said.

See below how to participate:

  • go to profile @mainelucena, who made the series, and tap on the first highlight called “5 Curiosities”. When you find that someone is participating in the stories, you too can join in the fun;
  • On the “5 Curiosities” sticker, tap Answer;

Step-by-Step to Participate in Instagram’s ‘5 Curiosities About You’ Series — Photo: Reproduction

  • Now, you can take a picture or tap the gallery button to choose an image saved on your phone;
  • Tap on the text tool and type in 5 facts about yourself. You can customize the font, font color, background color and size;
  • Place the text and stickers as you like and tap the Publish button at the bottom of the app.

make your own chain

There are other versions of the game, such as “5 Curiosities About Couples” and “5 Curiosities About Your Pets”, which have also been successful. To make your own chain, simply use the “Use Yours” sticker from instagram, see below:

  • Tap and take a picture or choose an image from your gallery to add a new story;
  • Tap the Stickers icon in the top menu. Then select the “Use Yours” sticker;
  • Write your challenge or chain on the sticker. You can also tap the dice icon to create random challenges of your own. instagram,
  • Finish with the “Finish” button;
  • Place the text and stickers as you like and tap the Publish button at the bottom of the app.

Create a new series with step-by-step stickers ‘Use a Sua’ to participate – Photo: Reproduction

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