5 Made Trivia, The Most Watched Miniseries On Netflix!

5 Made Trivia, The Most Watched Miniseries On Netflix!

The production has already been viewed by about 67 million people. Success.

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Netflix already has its new beloved mini-series. According to the data of the streaming platform, “Maid” crossed the mark “The Queen’s Gambit” and became the most viewed. The production, which launched on October 1, has garnered nearly 67 million views so far.

The drama follows the story of Alex, played by Margaret Qualy, who, after becoming tired of the various types of abuse suffered by her boyfriend, decides to run away from home with her daughter.

However, not everything is as easy as it seems. The young woman, without the prospect of studying enough, needs to accept the first job opportunity she gets: cleaning the house of the very rich!

Inspired by the novel by Stephanie Land, the production gradually shows the tragic system in which the protagonist is cast. And much more: what an infinite and cruel cycle this dynamic can become.

To get a job, her daughter needs daycare, but for Maddie, Neva lives with Whitett, to go to school, her mother needs a job. how to reveal

Watch the official trailer:

The cast also includes guest appearances by Nick Robinson, such as Sean, Alex’s ex-boyfriend; Andie McDowell as Paula, the main character’s bipolar mother; Billy Burke as Hank, the estranged father, and Anika Noni Rose as Regina, one of Alex’s employers.

Below, we’ve rounded up five curiosities you probably didn’t know. check out:

  • Andie McDowell and Margaret Quall are also mother and daughter in life, however, the relationship is very different from what we see in the miniseries.
  • Every Sunday for eight months of shooting, Margaret Neva took Whitett to walk, play in the playground, and prepare pancakes, to cement the loving relationship between Alex and Maddie. No wonder affection transcends the small screen, right?
  • In an interview, Andy says that playing Alex’s mother was special, as it was the first time she could star opposite her daughter. Plus, because, best known for starring in romantic comedies in the ’90s, many didn’t believe she could play such a complex character.
  • Although the story takes place in the United States, the series was recorded in the province of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Molly Smith Metzler, producer, showrunner and screenwriter, said that “no one has worked harder” than Margaret Qualley. He once suggested that his mother take on the role of Paula, and initiates an affectionate relationship with “Maddie”.
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