5 new Netflix series in April

Novas séries da Netflix em Abril

Since the onset of the epidemic, Netflix has been placing a lot of bets on the new series, compared to updating those who are already on the platform. Certainly, this service has been severely hampered by worldwide quarantine. And in April, it will be no different, as most launches of the month will bring news.

We split up between so many news stories 5 new Netflix series in April Which, everything is meant to attract customers’ attention. In addition, they are expected to get continuity soon.

As New Netflix Series in April

New Netflix Series in April

Heaven and snake – 02/04

Start 2 days Heaven and snake A true story-inspired series. In it, we are accompanied by the assassin Charles Sobhraj, who caused a huge wave of atrocities in Thailand, Nepal and India between 75 and 76 years.

Everything starts off well, but as people meet Sobhraj and his companions, everything they want – freedom, adventure, novelty, self-discovery – becomes very bitter.

Darkness hidden on the hippie trail in Asia – the tortured real-life story of a murderer, thief and enchanted master of disguise. That New Netflix limited series in April, May attract attention due to its brutality. In addition, the series is produced in partnership with the BBC, and was successful during its performance in the United Kingdom.

Easy Money: Series – 4/7

The series is based on a Swedish trilogy that debuted in 2010, and which was very successful upon release. The series takes place in a busy environment, where the situation and the desire for money are stronger than ever. With the growth of entrepreneurship driven by start-ups, the world of crime has become even more brutal, chaotic and unforgivable.

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So when these two worlds collide, loyalty, friendship and business partner will all be tested. Certainly, everyone sets out on an ongoing quest for easy money.

Labyrinth of Fear – 16/04

For those who enjoy a good horror, this New Netflix Series in April You might be surprised. Once again, the service returns to the genre with a supernatural series. In other words, we can expect dark moments from all sides in this production.

The plot revolves around Will Stone. The hero returns to his former home, to investigate some paranormal events occurring in the place. Therefore, he has written a new book and used his experiences to enhance realism.

During his journey, he meets Kelly and Joe, who form an ineffective trio in search of supernatural entities. Will secretly begins his own investigation into his sister’s death, with each episode bringing him closer to the truth that happened all those years ago.

Shadows and Bones – 04/23

It is undoubtedly April’s biggest attraction on Netflix, and is based on the best-selling series by Leah Bardogo about the Grish universe. Shadows and bones It tells the story of the Kingdom of Ravka, which, for millennia, has been divided into two by a dark barrier.

In this world Imperial is no different from Russia, Alina Starkov, an orphan who was recruited by the Czar’s first army. Grisha, responsible for fighting evil forces for her mission, accompanies the magical figure.

To win the war against evil and unify her country, the young woman will learn to control her powers and trust herself.

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Innocent – 04/30

That New Netflix Series in April, Is based on one of Harlan Cobain’s works. The author is among other successful series adaptations in the service, among them, safe and do not talk to strangers. In addition, Mario Caras is playing the role of Um Contrampo in the series.

The series follows the life of Mateo, who, in turn, gets involved in a fight in which he did not participate. Nevertheless, he ended up becoming a murderer. After serving his nine-year sentence, the young man returns home and tries to regain his life by reuniting with his wife.

She is now pregnant and wants a new home. But an incoming call complicates and destroys Meto’s entire life once again. Therefore, it remains to be seen how he will act.

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